Its All Over

August 24, 2008

After the broadcast of tonight’s closing ceremonies, I will have my life back. There will be no more staying up late to see who’s going to win the beam final, no more wondering how the heck the horsies survive during water polo. Kidding, I know there aren’t horsies in water polo. But I would love one of those bathrobes the Team USA men were sporting. They looked rather toasty.

Now that the Games are over, I will be able to try and keep up with my same day viewing of General Hospital. I can stop wondering how the rhythmic gymnasts can a) bend that way and b) keep the ball or hoop moving at all times. I can stop reading mentions of Michael Phelps, though I do think the poor dear is in for a shock when he realizes that he’s now become a TMZ darling. The all-Olympics, all the time mentality can be put back on the shelf until 2010, when the world gathers for the Winter Games in Vancouver.

Canada is already preparing for the 2010 Games. I saw this commercial on CBC the other day, and think its absolutely adorable.

So until the Olympic fervor starts up again in a year and a half, I leave you with one final U-S-A! U-S-A!



  1. Curling is not a real sport. It’s people getting drunk enough to enjoy housework.

  2. canadians love the winter olympics. i can’t wait for them either.

    i saw your link over on the willful caboose, and i added you to me blogroll. happy blogging!

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