Whod’ve Thunk It?

August 26, 2008

– In today’s paper, Bucky fulfills his yearly quota of writing a column that I actually agree with. I fully expect antagonistic Bucky to return any day now.

– I had to stop at Wegmans this morning, and as I was checking out, the woman behind me was gloating to the cashier about one of the items she purchased: pancake batter in a can. The batter came in a container similar to what Reddi Whip comes in. Tell me, is it really that difficult to whip up some Bisquick and some other ingredients to make pancakes? Is it really more cost efficient to buy Pancakes in a Can? (The can was over $5. I couldn’t see how many servings it had, but I doubt that you could get more than one meal out of the can.) How long until Sandra Lee uses this product on her show and pronounces it the greatest thing since sliced white bread? Or she’ll get it mixed up with her Reddi Whip during cocktail time and chaos will then ensue.


  1. ahh, i totally hate sandra lee, too. what a lush.

  2. That batter in a can must be for people with no kids. I have to make 1/2 a box of the Bisquick kind for 4 people!

    And I think Sandra Lee makes some pretty gross stuff. :p

  3. Oh my gosh. Amy, don’t give Sandra any ideas! She’ll be all over making strawberry-stuffed pancakes-from-a-can! And she’ll serve it alongside a pancake-tini (which will be 8 gallons of vodka and one dollop of pancake batter. From a can).

  4. […] like I was Sandra Lee making some ridiculously fussy recipe made from 99% crappy ingredients like pancake batter in a can and cherry pie filling and 1% stupidly expensive, hard-to-find items like rose soda. All I needed […]

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