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Four Things

August 4, 2008

– Someone should tell Kevin Allen of the USA Today that Jason Pominville is not an unrestricted free agent at the end of this coming season. I understand that hockey is the redheaded stepchild of the US sports environment, but a little fact checking goes a long way.

– I’m glad to see Lindy get some respect from Terry Frei at ESPN. Frei ranks the current NHL coaches, and places Lindy among the league’s elite. Ruff guided the team through no goal, making the playoffs, missing the playoffs, two seasons of losing in the ECF and the most recent free agent debacle. He’s always ready with a genuine comment for the media, even when you can clearly tell that he’d rather tell them to go puck themselves. He’s also proven adept at guiding young players with the transition from the AHL to the NHL, as proven by how the Rochester kids have stepped right into the Sabres system with few hiccups.

– I was shocked to hear this morning that Skip Carey died. I learned so much about the Braves through watching his telecasts on TBS. Some of the more longtime Braves – Smoltz, Glavine and Jones, sounded really shaken up in their interviews. It sounds like Carey, like the Sabres RJ, wasn’t just a play-by-play man for the club, but also a friend.

– How awesome was it to see Luke Russert as the Special Guest Stat Boy on PTI last week?


Weekend Wrap Up

August 3, 2008

– I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend, and on the way back home, drove past a campground hosting a Middle Ages reenactment. There were tents as far as the eye could see. I’ve heard of war reenactments, but never realized that there was a clamor to reenact the Middle Ages.

– The bat made another appearance last night. I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV, only to be woken up by my mother screaming that there was a bat in the house. I do the only common sense thing…take the phone and run out the front door. Meanwhile, my father is trying to shoo the bat out of the house with a pillow, and is somewhat successful. This morning, my grandfather wanted to know why my father didn’t take my hockey stick and make like Jim Lorentz, but my father was afraid that the stick would go through the TV set or knock over a lamp (and besides, who wants to clean up bat guts?). Needless to say, we will be calling a trained extermination professional on Monday to look over the attic to make sure that there’s no more entry points for our batty friends.

– Color me shocked that Sid likes Jack and Crown. I guess I keep forgetting that he’s an adult in Canada (and soon to be one in the US), and not a wee innocent lad as the media would lead us to believe

– I’ve gotten a disturbingly high number of clicks today from people looking for Ryan Miller information. I’m sorry to tell all of you searchers that I know nothing about the guy other than whats in the media, and my own observations. On the other hand, my inner paranoia is sinking in, that someone who’s close with him is trolling WordPress reading what’s been written about him.


More Reasons to Love Hockey

August 2, 2008

#5 – Game Day Skates.

When I take a day off in the winter, and if it happens to fall on a Sabres game day, I try to head down to the arena and watch the game day morning skate, which is open to the public. I like that I get to see more of the specialized drills than those used during a pre-game skate.You can kind of get a feel for what the coaching staff feels the team’s weakness is that day, whether its the power play, defense or the goaltending. You can also see which players take practice seriously, and which ones goof off.

The last morning skate I went to featured the power play trying to revitalize itself, a rousing pep-talk delivered by Lindy (sadly at the other end of the arena from where I was sitting, so I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was gesticulating furiously) and Tim Connolly trying to shoot a puck through the photographers hole in the glass.

I like that the team opens these skates to the public. Its even better when there’s a few little kids there with their parents. They’re so excited about seeing these players up close. Its really adorable. (An entire lower bowl worth of parents and children would make me poke my ears out with something sharp.)