He Gets an “A” For Effort

September 3, 2008

Soupy sings “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Sunshine gets an A for effort, that’s for sure. It has to be tough to sing pretty much a capella in front of thousands of fans. However, Soupy won’t be the last celebrity to muck up the song at a Cubs game. Even Chicago native Mike Wilbon from PTI mucked it up.

– In some other news, Marty and Crunchy get taken out to the ballgame as well.

– And speaking of Crunchy, hello Crunchy’s guns

– It sounds like the NHL did quite the publicity blitz in New York City these past couple of days. Getty Images shows Crunchy, DiPietro (and I’m assuming the future Mrs. DP), Pat Kane and Papa Kane sitting in a box at the US Open. Marty Brodeur and Henrik Lundqvist got to go to the Entourage premiere party. However, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this part of the festivities:

One of the more interesting (and hilarious) sites was seeing each player having makeup applied and choosing through various wardrobes for photo shoots with NHL Images.

This moment could have been absolutely hysterical. The mental image is enough to make me forgive NHL.com for using the wrong version of sight/site. Was our fashionista Miller guiding his fellow players in wardrobe choices, or did he remain silent?

But I just wonder why no one talked Pat Kane out of wearing a cream colored sweater. It does nothing for him.


  1. Zammnnn check out those guns. He looks good. Although it’s good for Ryan to get some bulk, it won’t be as easy for us to make fun of him for being so skinny. 😦

  2. I just wanted to tell you that you do an excellent job of rounding up all the fun news and clips everyday. You’re my first internet hockey stop. For reals. Good work.

  3. Are you sure someone didn’t photoshop those guns onto Crunchy’s toothpick arms? Not that it looks bad…..

  4. wow I got a good laugh out of Soupy.. And I love how he’s a Blackhawks “star defenceman”. He’s never played a game as a ‘hawk. For all they know, he could be terrible. (if he plays the way he did in the playoffs)

    Poor guy, his hair and the red of Blackhawks jerseys just don’t mesh.

    And holy whoa check out Millsy.. are we sure that’s him and not some superhero suit?

  5. But I just wonder why no one talked Pat Kane out of wearing a cream colored sweater.

    Somebody over at Puck Daddy pointed out that Eric Staal was wearing the same sweater. I wonder if they gave each other dirty looks.

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