Pre-Camp Buzz

September 7, 2008

Garth at Hockeybuzz had a very nice post today about the Sabres unofficial skates that have been happening at the Pepsi Center.

If I may digress for a moment, just who is this Garth? He obviously has to be someone pretty close to the players, as he has posted details of conversations. However, Garth’s punctuation and grammatical issues make me think that he is not a member of the media (and for all we know, could be a member of the Sabres staff or a player flunkie.) Any guesses or ideas out there?

Anyway, I did like reading about Miller and Rivet’s working at bonding. From what I’ve heard about Rivet (thanks andrew!), he’s going to be a good presence to have in front of the net, acting as Miller’s own personal crease clearer. After seeing Miller have to defend himself one too many times this past season, it will be a nice break to have someone else do the whomping on an offending player.



  1. I hear bad things about Garth. Some people think he is Eklund hiding behind a different name. I’ve heard things about people asking players if they have any idea who Garth is and none of them do. Obviously I have no idea if he’s real or a fraud, I’m just passing on things that I have heard on various hockey blogs and message boards. Some people have suggested that he’s Kevin Sylvester or someone over at WGR 550…but it’s all just speculation.

    Anyways, I agree about Miller getting more help defending himself when there’s commotion around his crease. Too many times last year did I see him getting bumped and pushed around without any retribution by our players. Yoo-hoo boys, that’s your goalie out there….

  2. I have no idea if Garth is for real and just somebody full of…. well, you know. But true or not, it is great reading stuff about the boys being back in town and getting ready for the best season ever. I can’t wait!!! 🙂

  3. Some of his player quotes can sound a bit, well, made up at times. Or at least altered. And he has a tendency to quote the Buffalo News without attribution. I don’t know. I think he can be useful for some things but his “insider” trade info is reliably useless.

  4. he’s going to be a good presence to have in front of the net, acting as Miller’s own personal crease clearer.

    And not just Miller. Rivet sticks up for everyone on the team. At least he did in SJ. Took him half a season to really embrace that leadership role, but once he did, he really made a big difference out on the ice. Not like that d-bag Rob Blake who’s supposedly replacing him.

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