I Saw A Man About a Goose

September 12, 2008

– Its official: hockey season is here. I have had my first Sabres off-ice sighting. I had stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work to pick up a few things.  As I’m heading across the store towards the frozen food section, who do I see waiting in the checkout line? Paul Gaustad, that’s who. As I get closer to him, I see that he’s perusing In Touch magazine. I guess he really wanted to know about the new Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson rumor that’s displayed on the cover of this week’s issue. (Sidebar: those two were an item? I must’ve banished that from my brain. Although I did think that Joey definitely worked better with Pacey as opposed to Dawson. Dawson just became a whiny bitch towards the end.)

But I digress. You don’t often see hockey players perusing the tabloids like the rest of us. Then again, maybe he was using the magazine to keep up on the wild and wacky exploits of guys like Sean Avery, Jared Stoll and Dion Phaneuf.

– As I’ve learned over the past couple of days, there’s a great overlap between hockey fans and Project Runway fans. Today was the final show at Bryant Park. And since we’re at the point in the broadcast show where six designers are left, all six showed at Bryant Park. If anyone’s interested, Blogging Project Runway has photos of all the designers’ collections. Some of the garments are absolutely exquisite and some of the others deserve a big old W.T.F. from the congregation. Also interesting to note is that Tim Gunn had to step into the role of guest judge for this show, as the originally scheduled JLo had to back out due to a foot injury.

And I promise that there will be actual hockey sports content on here in the coming days. Inspiring material is a little scarce right now.



  1. Amy, I am so incredibly jealous of your Goose encounter! The idea of him reading a tabloid makes me laugh; I would have voted Royzie most likely to skim an In Touch.

  2. Isn’t just THAT much better looking when you see him up close and personal? Zamnnn.

  3. I’ve seen Gaustad at Wegman’s at least 3 times since like April, I’m beginning to get the impression he goes there A LOT.

  4. bbC, I’ll second that zammmm. He’s much better looking in person.

    Anne, maybe he just really likes grocery shopping?

  5. What Wegman’s? I must be shopping at the wrong store. I’d like to feel like I’m gettting my money’s worth!

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