De-Fense! De-Fence!

September 14, 2008

– It sounds like Lindy is going to start cracking the whip on defense right from the start of training camp. How many times last year did we see Player A hop out of position, causing Players B, C, D and E to compensate and move out of position, leaving Miller literally as the last line of defense? That didn’t win them many games last season, and it really won’t win them any games this season.

Also, did anyone else know that Adam Mair had off-season surgery and hasn’t yet been cleared for contact?

– So glad that the Bills pulled the game out today. I really thought they were toast when the momentum swung in Jacksonville’s favor after that onside kick. Trent Edwards had a fantastic day (20/25, 239 yards) and it was good to see the defense continuing to play well. About the only blemish on the day was Peters getting horribly horribly beat on that speed rush, leading to Edwards’ fumble. Does anyone else think that Mr. Wilson used that play as further justification that he was right not to re-open Peters’ contract?

I also found a Poz t-shirt at Champs Sporting Goods yesterday. Color me happy. I love that the guy has only played four games in his NFL career and is already the most popular Bill in terms of jersey sales.

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