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September 21, 2008

– Wow. I really thought the Bills were toast today. I’m still in shock at today’s win over Oakland. I really thought the game was over when the Raiders scored their final touchdown. While I’m not normally one to advocate unsportsmanlike conduct, I did think that Donte Whitner’s in-endzone tackle on that touchdown was called for. That was a “bitch, please” penalty, after the Raider taunted him for the final five yards of the run. Also, Trent Edwards came back from a not so great first half to play a pretty spectacular fourth quarter. Did anyone else catch him shaking out his wrist and hand late in the fourth? He took a couple solid blows, but never gave up.

– Buffalo.com (now the slowest site known to mankind) has up some more photos from Puck Drop.

Think Peters and Kennedy had a discussion over the “Let’s Hug It Out” shirt?

Sounds like Miller has also thrown down the gauntlet with the team’s prospects.

We’ll see what happens when they’re out of the shinny hockey and into the real stuff,” Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller said. “I’m not ripping on them. I think they’ve got great skill. But the step into playing physical around these guys, it’s tough. It’s not just something every person can do. I’ll be interested to see how they handle camp as it gets a little more competitive.”

The challenge has been issued. Let’s see how the kiddies meet it.

– The Winter Classic DVD being sold by the Sabres is a great look back at one of the best days in Buffalo hockey. It does spend more time on the rink building aspect than anything, but it does go into the locker room during practice and game day. There’s highlights of Lindy’s game strategy, Spacek trying to give a pep talk, and the equipment guy fearing that the chili he made for the team on practice day would give them food poisoning. This part was a nifty bit of editing, as the editing monkeys cut it with a shot of Gaustad saying it was good, but hopes no one gets sick. Ha.



  1. So judging by Tim Kennedy’s shirt, T.J. Brennan was also wearing the same one when I went through his autograph line. I wonder if other guys had it too… must have been rookie bondingshopping time!

  2. thanks for the mention! in our defense, however, Spotted ran slow at Buffalo.com yesterday due to a vendor issue…it has been resolved. now come and look at the puckdrop photos a few thousand times!

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