Media Fun

September 24, 2008

Pat Kane and Jonathan Toews became the latest members of the Blackhawks to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at a Cubs game. While they shouldn’t give up their day job, they did a reasonably respectable job.

– There really weren’t any surprises in this year’s Sabres Media Guide. Everyone eats chicken, loves U2 and DMB and credits their parents as being the most influential people in their lives.  However, the photographer or stylist somehow managed to make Gaustad appear to have a fivehead that could rival Tyra Banks’.

Oh well, you work that fierce fivehead, Mr. Gaustad.

(Sidebar: Can I just tell you that I’ve rediscovered America’s Next Top Model after a five cycle hiatus? How did I get by without the ridiculousness of Tyra, the wackiness of Ms. Jay and the Small Orange Man, and the squicky hotness of Nigel Barker?)

– Continuing with the photo theme, Getty Images has some shots posted of Miller’s “stylized photo shoot” that occurred during his NYC trip (just search the site for “buffalo sabres” under sports and they’ll come up.)

I can’t decide whether this makes him look like a politician-in-training or a funeral director.

His face may be obscured by the Getty Images copyright, but the death glare still rings through. Glad to see some things don’t change.


  1. The other part that I liked in the media guide was the fact that Craig Rivet listed his biggest pet peeves: cockiness and arrogance. haha.

  2. That stupid NHL watermark is so annoying. I hate during the season when I see an awesome looking photo in the thumbnails so I click on it but then that stupid watermark ruins it! >:[

  3. AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!……..Crunchy…..*shaking head*

  4. You are not helping my completely inappropriate crush on Jonathan Toews but posting such awesomeness Amy!! Do not encourage the crazy!!

  5. Mary, I saw that and my first thought was “you don’t know much about a certain oft-injured teammate of yours, do you?” Not that I’m saying that Timmy is either of those things, but I’ve heard stories.

    MJ, glad I could be of assistance. 🙂

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