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Now They’re Paying Attention

September 26, 2008

Seems like the Bills 3-0 start has now caught the media’s attention. First, there was a nice write-up in Sports Illustrated. Now, Trent Edwards is profiled on the front page of the USA Today Sports section.

I think its incredibly sweet that his older sister moved here from California to live with him, since she was afraid he would fall into the lonely existence of a professional athlete. (This makes Miller’s “I’m not a rock star” comments all the more poignant. Maybe he needs a family member or BFF to crash with him? Oh wait, that sounds like we’re heading into Entourage territory. Never mind.) It also sounds like Edwards’ sister is the unofficial den mother to those members of his rookie class, as she often cooks dinners for Poz and Lynch. Maybe rookie camp needs to include a cooking class?