Where Was This When I Was In School?

September 30, 2008

I took a class called Economics and Sports when I was a junior in college. It was an Honors seminar and old Bobby Buts assured me that I would have no problem with the class. I trusted BB’s judgment. That was my first mistake. The first day of class, I realized I was screwed. It was way more economics based than sports based. Did I mention that I had never taken an economics class before? This class was the worst class (just ahead of Religion and Politics) ever. I think that class broke my brain.

So perusing CNNSi today, I read that Bates College is offering a class on the “Red Sox Nation.” That’s right, this freshman only class focuses on the reach of the Boston Red Sox and baseball into popular culture. I got stuck reading about contracts and charts and these guys are studying baseball and pop culture.

So. Not. Fair.

– One, two, three, four…Goose will not declare a thumb war. Thumb surgery has put Gaustad on the sidelines for a minimum of three weeks. With Adam Mair out, that really leaves the Sabres with only Peters and Kaleta to serve as the role of big tough guy. But, on the other hand, could it give Gerbe or MacArthur a chance to stay in Buffalo for a little while longer. It will be interesting to see how the lineup shakes out over these next two weeks.


One comment

  1. My new slogan: “Get to Bates”

    Seriously, I would ace that class…

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