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It..Just…Football…and other stuff

September 21, 2008

– Wow. I really thought the Bills were toast today. I’m still in shock at today’s win over Oakland. I really thought the game was over when the Raiders scored their final touchdown. While I’m not normally one to advocate unsportsmanlike conduct, I did think that Donte Whitner’s in-endzone tackle on that touchdown was called for. That was a “bitch, please” penalty, after the Raider taunted him for the final five yards of the run. Also, Trent Edwards came back from a not so great first half to play a pretty spectacular fourth quarter. Did anyone else catch him shaking out his wrist and hand late in the fourth? He took a couple solid blows, but never gave up.

– (now the slowest site known to mankind) has up some more photos from Puck Drop.

Think Peters and Kennedy had a discussion over the “Let’s Hug It Out” shirt?

Sounds like Miller has also thrown down the gauntlet with the team’s prospects.

We’ll see what happens when they’re out of the shinny hockey and into the real stuff,” Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller said. “I’m not ripping on them. I think they’ve got great skill. But the step into playing physical around these guys, it’s tough. It’s not just something every person can do. I’ll be interested to see how they handle camp as it gets a little more competitive.”

The challenge has been issued. Let’s see how the kiddies meet it.

– The Winter Classic DVD being sold by the Sabres is a great look back at one of the best days in Buffalo hockey. It does spend more time on the rink building aspect than anything, but it does go into the locker room during practice and game day. There’s highlights of Lindy’s game strategy, Spacek trying to give a pep talk, and the equipment guy fearing that the chili he made for the team on practice day would give them food poisoning. This part was a nifty bit of editing, as the editing monkeys cut it with a shot of Gaustad saying it was good, but hopes no one gets sick. Ha.


Puck Drop Report

September 20, 2008


I just got back from Puck Drop, and it was so nice to see actual hockey being played. Even though it was just a scrimmage, and there was no hitting, it was good to see the scoring, the skating and the creativity on the ice.

Hockey, Its Good To See You Again!

I fully admit to having edited the above photo in Picasa. The flash of my camera was having a blast catching the reflective stripes on the jerseys. Making the photo black-and-white really made the stripe pop.

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Pommer Signs!

September 18, 2008

In some surprising news today, Pominville signed his contract extension with the Sabres. The population of Pominville will continue to grow in Buffalo for five more years. And the terms of the deal (5/26.5) are probably as close to the mythical 5/25 deal as we’re ever going to get.

With Pommer under contract, six Sabres are locked up with long term deals. I think we can agree that Vanek, Roy, Hecht, Gaustad, Pommers and Miller aren’t six bad choices to build a team around. Miller – when he’s on – is one of the best goalies in the world. Gaustad and Hecht are the quiet, yet dependable lunchpail guys. They’re going to show up game in and game out. Vanek and Roy provide the flash and panasche, while Pominville has developed into a quiet leader.

Now that the deal has been done, and done before Pommer’s self-imposed Friday deadline, let us move on to more important things. Like, what the heck are Sabres fans going to bitch about now? If we don’t have something to bitch about, will we all implode?

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Pominville (and Sabre) memories.


Deep Breaths, People. Deep Breaths.

September 15, 2008

– Just because Pominville and his agent have put a Friday deadline on signing a contract extension doesn’t mean that it is time to panic. From all accounts, both sides have said that the lines of communication remain open. Both sides have made offers and counteroffers. Both sides are still talking to each other. I can completely understand why Pominville wants to have a deal done before camp starts and I can also understand that he doesn’t want to have the contract negotiations hanging over his head, affecting not only his play, but potentially the play of his teammates. Not that the Sabres have any experience recently with that type of phenomenon, or anything. It’s not yet panic time.

– Today was the Sabres First Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Via the video on the Sabres site, it looks like a good time was had by all. Each foursome was captained by a member of the team. No word on who the winner was of the tournament, as it looks like the video was filmed before the hard core golfing took place.

Most of the video was taken up by an interview with Craig Rivet. He mentioned that while he’s only been in town for three weeks, its felt like three months, as the guys have all been so friendly.

– Tim Kennedy will be blogging from Rookie Camp. Today, while the big boys were out golfing, the rookies and prospects were up at 5:45 am to make sure they could catch the bus to the Pepsi Center. Sucks to be a rookie sometimes, doesn’t it?

– It was announced today that there is the potential of WIVB and WNLO being dropped from Time Warner’s cable lineup if TWC and the stations’ ownership cannot agree on a new licensing deal by October 2nd. Since the stations were the ones that announced the potential loss of coverage, one can only hope that they were hoping for disgruntled (or even gruntled) Bills fans, CSI fans and Gossip Girl/ANTM fans to light up the switchboards at TWC to protest the situation. However, there is a downside to this situation on both sides. It could cause more people to drop TWC and head for the Dish or the new FIOS slowly entering the area. In addition, missing a prime time show isn’t that big of a deal these days, as both CBS and CW put their shows on the internet. If I can’t watch Gossip Girl on Monday night, I’ll watch it the next day on CW’s site. No big deal.


De-Fense! De-Fence!

September 14, 2008

– It sounds like Lindy is going to start cracking the whip on defense right from the start of training camp. How many times last year did we see Player A hop out of position, causing Players B, C, D and E to compensate and move out of position, leaving Miller literally as the last line of defense? That didn’t win them many games last season, and it really won’t win them any games this season.

Also, did anyone else know that Adam Mair had off-season surgery and hasn’t yet been cleared for contact?

– So glad that the Bills pulled the game out today. I really thought they were toast when the momentum swung in Jacksonville’s favor after that onside kick. Trent Edwards had a fantastic day (20/25, 239 yards) and it was good to see the defense continuing to play well. About the only blemish on the day was Peters getting horribly horribly beat on that speed rush, leading to Edwards’ fumble. Does anyone else think that Mr. Wilson used that play as further justification that he was right not to re-open Peters’ contract?

I also found a Poz t-shirt at Champs Sporting Goods yesterday. Color me happy. I love that the guy has only played four games in his NFL career and is already the most popular Bill in terms of jersey sales.


I Saw A Man About a Goose

September 12, 2008

– Its official: hockey season is here. I have had my first Sabres off-ice sighting. I had stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work to pick up a few things.  As I’m heading across the store towards the frozen food section, who do I see waiting in the checkout line? Paul Gaustad, that’s who. As I get closer to him, I see that he’s perusing In Touch magazine. I guess he really wanted to know about the new Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson rumor that’s displayed on the cover of this week’s issue. (Sidebar: those two were an item? I must’ve banished that from my brain. Although I did think that Joey definitely worked better with Pacey as opposed to Dawson. Dawson just became a whiny bitch towards the end.)

But I digress. You don’t often see hockey players perusing the tabloids like the rest of us. Then again, maybe he was using the magazine to keep up on the wild and wacky exploits of guys like Sean Avery, Jared Stoll and Dion Phaneuf.

– As I’ve learned over the past couple of days, there’s a great overlap between hockey fans and Project Runway fans. Today was the final show at Bryant Park. And since we’re at the point in the broadcast show where six designers are left, all six showed at Bryant Park. If anyone’s interested, Blogging Project Runway has photos of all the designers’ collections. Some of the garments are absolutely exquisite and some of the others deserve a big old W.T.F. from the congregation. Also interesting to note is that Tim Gunn had to step into the role of guest judge for this show, as the originally scheduled JLo had to back out due to a foot injury.

And I promise that there will be actual hockey sports content on here in the coming days. Inspiring material is a little scarce right now.


Ready For Hockey

September 11, 2008

– After watching this video, I am so ready for hockey season to start. Drop the puck already!

– Why can’t the Sabres do a fun season ticket distribution event like the Pens do? Are they afraid that a player would disappear into a house and never return? That Roy-Z or Pommers would be carried off by an army of teenyboppers?

Sid’s either participating in the season ticket promotion or practicing for his post-hockey career as an Avon salesman. (Does Avon still do door-to-door sales? I only get proselytizers and politicians showing up at my door.)

– Speaking of Sid, he’s going to spend another season at Chez Lemieux.

“I’ve been looking for a place for the last year, but I haven’t found anything I’m quite ready for yet,”

So is he not ready to live on his own or does he just have really picky tastes in houses? Inquiring minds want to know!