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I Am So Smrt

October 5, 2008

I am so smart. I am so smart. S-M-R-T. I mean S-M-A-R-T.

I am one of the households affected by the Time Warner / LIN Broadcasting debacle. My father had gone out on Friday to buy rabbit ears once we heard that WIVB was off the air. We had played around with the ears on Friday, and got a semi-decent, but in no means perfect picture. I knew that HD stations were free over the air, I just had to figure out how to get them. I did some internet research (and TV & antenna manual reading) and realized that my TV needed to be set up to receive antenna signals rather than cable signals. Three quick clicks of the remote later, and the CBS HD feed comes in clear as day. I still have the DVR hooked up to the cable so it can happily record the Sabres game for later tonight viewing.

Victory is mine. 🙂

– There’s an interesting read in today’s Buffalo News regarding the captain situation. I wish Lindy would just name a permanent captain. While the rotating captaincy has provided an interesting insight into Lindy’s and the players’ thought processes (not to mention an entertaining blog post or three), the team needs to have a leader. What better way to start off a new season, one without all the Briere and Drury tomfoolery hanging over our heads, than by naming a new permanent leader. And this season, moreso than last, I really think we have an assortment of qualified candidates to choose from. Pominville, Hecht, Rivet and Teppo would all make good captain material. I still would like to see Goose with an A, as all of the reports regarding his injury have mentioned how well-liked and respected he is in the locker room. I just think that his injury has precluded this from happening.

I may have more to say after I watch the Bills and Sabres games today. GO TEAMS!