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Three Days to Go!

October 7, 2008

Just a short 72 hours from now, the puck will drop to start the Sabres 2008-09 season. It will officially end what seems like the longest offseason in history. There’s really not many things to write a lot about, so here’s some news and notes.

– The Sabres new permanent and/or rotating captain will be announced tomorrow after practice. The Sabres final two roster moves will also be announced then as well. In his blog, Pommers mentioned the players had a vote, but he doesn’t know how that vote will be used.

– Timmy and Stafford skated at full speed today at practice. They also practiced yesterday while the rest of the team had the day off. features a really nice write up on Lindy Ruff as one of their main features of the day. I liked this story because you really get a feel for the evolution of Lindy as a coach (and dare I say it, he’s mellowed out a wee bit since the early days?) as well as some insight into Lindy the man. Note to the Sabres: more features like this, please.

– This comment from Langston Walker about Trent Edwards made me chuckle this afternoon:

“He was a little woozy but his hair was perfect,” tackle Langston Walker said of his conversation with Edwards. “That’s one thing. If Trent’s hair was off, I’d be worried. But his hair was on point.”

At least Trent has a hair scale for his teammates to judge him by. I don’t think the Sabres can use the same kind of scale when Timmy gets concussed.