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So Close

October 9, 2008

– The News did a bang-up job with their Sabres/NHL preview section. My favorite article in the section (after the one about Katebits and Heather B., of course) was probably the one focusing on the core six guys. I liked the insights about what its like in the minor leagues in regards to living arrangements, getting a cell phone and other stuff. You know, stuff that you and I take for granted. I also got a chuckle out of the image of Miller and Gaustad being stoic in front of Lindy when they were told that they’re permanently making the big show, and then jumping around like two idiots when Lindy left the room.

After reading the section, I’m just happy that I didn’t have to break out the first “shut up, Bucky!” before the season even began. I’m thinking it will be about 8-10 games before that happens.

– Rueben Brown has been announced as the replacement for Matthew Barnaby onThe Enforcers. The Barnaby/Ray combo was successful because their bond off the ice allowed them to riff on each other a little bit while still getting their point across. I’m not sure how Brown and Ray will come across on the air, but only time will tell.

– Why would a girl wear a shirt that says “Cross Checker“? I don’t get it. And especially with the cross checker wording in that position, too.

– I listened to the Derek Roy show on Kiss’ website. And surprisingly enough, I don’t feel dumber for it, as I sometimes do when listening to Janet and Nick. Roy-Z mentioned that Rivet is a 15-year-old trapped in a 34-year-old’s body, and that there is a prank waiting for Rivet at some point this season. After hearing about some of the pranks that these guys have pulled before, I’m a little worried for the team’s new captain. Janet and Nick also went through the entire roster, and had Roy name whether the player was single or married. I’m sure his teammates are going to be thrilled that their marital statuses (statii?) have been broadcast throughout the WNY area, especially when Janet and Nick argued that guys with girlfriends are still single. Way to give the puckbunnies hope, Kiss. Good job.

The players do not know whether they will be wearing the throwback sweater or the sluggy for opening night. I’d love to see the throwback, especially if the throwback logo is still painted at center ice.

During the listener supplied question period, Roy-Z shared that his favorite pizza is taco pizza (Which, ew. Sorry, Derek). And the worse pick-up line that he’s ever heard is “how much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m [name]”. Har. Har. Har. He admitted that he doesn’t use pick-up lines. Then again, why would you use pick-up lines when you’re one of the most recognizeable Sabres due to your height and fashion tastes. Then again, there are some girls that would just fall for “Hi, I’m a Sabre” as a pick-up line, which does trump the polar bear line for cheesiness by a mile.

– I think I’ve mentioned on here that I knit during hockey season to keep my hands occupied during the game. I got an early jump on the season’s knitting by starting this season’s blanket about three weeks ago. Here’s where I am so far.

The photo doesn’t really show that its wide enough to be a blanket, as the stitches are all crowded together on the needle too keep them from falling off. Believe me, it’s blanket size. And quite warm to have in your lap, by the way.