Just a Little Bit Behind

October 13, 2008

Like the Bills, I was on a bye weekend of sorts these past couple of days. The real world, plus a lack of motivation, conspired to prevent me from posting this weekend. So, with that aside, here’s a couple quick tidbits.

– Toni Lydman gets a hardy “that’s what she said” from me for his comments on his amazing save against Montreal:

“I didn’t see it right away because it was on Ryan’s other side,” Lydman said Sunday. “I was standing on his left side, I saw it rolling towards the net and I guess thank God I have a long stick.”

Yes, my inner twelve year old is coming out to play today. I think its a coping mechanism in preparation for my 401k meeting this afternoon.

– It wasn’t until I read about it in yesterday’s paper, but I didn’t notice that Lindy was shaking up the PK units. I was surprised as all heck to read that Kaleta was on the PK for a couple of shifts. Maybe the lack of the penalty clock on screen during the broadcast made it harder for me to keep track of that stuff? Who knows. But I do like Lindy’s willingness to experiment.

– During the player intros of Friday’s game, did no one clue the cameraman into the fact that Goose, Timmy and Patches were being introduced from the bench since they weren’t playing? For that matter, why didn’t they let the three of them dress in their sweaters and breezers and skate out with the rest of the team? Last time I checked, a broken thumb couldn’t inhibit skating and someone could’ve pushed Timmy around the ice if his back was still bothering him.

– While I wasn’t at the game, I did read in the Buffalo News gameblog that the population of Pominville sign now reads 26.5 million. Hee. That gave me a good chuckle.

– I watched the pre-game show on Friday night. I think the show is definitely off to a good start. I liked the Teppo feature, as well as the Ales Kotalik interview. The Darcy and Lindy joint interview was fun to watch because you can tell that they really like each other, in addition to just respecting each other. The only thing I didn’t like was that some features were replayed during the game’s intermission. Don’t waste my time like that, Sabres!

– If I wasn’t a fan of Poz already, I would really be one after reading Bucky’s (I know!) absolutely fantastic article about the guy in yesterday’s paper. Poz sounds almost too good to be true.

– I don’t have the best eyesight, but is Miller organizing a deck of cards in this picture?

One comment

  1. – I don’t have the best eyesight, but is Miller organizing a deck of cards in this picture?
    I was trying to figure out what he was holding too. That stupid NHL/Getty Images watermark doesn’t help. At first I thought he was texting or something. Still a cool pic.

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