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The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pigeon

October 20, 2008

– I am way, way, way too amused by the fact that the Sabres players are awarding a stuffed, mounted pigeon to the person they deem as being the best player in a specific game. It sounds like the players are really getting into it, going so far as to haul it around on the road in a little coop. I’d pay good money to see Crunchy or Spacek walking through the airport carrying the pigeon coop; but in reality, I know the equipment staff is probably carrying it around for the players.

– And yet surprisingly, that wasn’t the most ridiculous story of the day. I think Puck Daddy’s post about Mike Commodore’s Facebook photo takes the cake. Seriously, Commodore is making Brian Campbell’s Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl faux pas look really, really minor. I think the League’s PR divas (and divos) might be giving some talking tos to their players in the next couple of days.

– Even though it probably has a snowball’s chance in hell of happening, how cool would it be to have Lindy behind the bench for Team Canada in 2010?