Mouse Potatoes?

October 22, 2008

– Oh, Staffy, just when I was starting to like you again, you have to go and make a comment like this:

“This game is for all the mouse potatoes out there that don’t think we can stick with it in a 2-1 game and come back,” Stafford said. “It’s definitely a big win for the guys.”

The season is only five games in. I don’t recall reading recently a lot of negativity in the mouse potato world about the team and how they all suck and need to be thrown overboard for a team of skating catfish. That usually hits the internet around December, and the MSM around January. Is Staffy ahead of his time?

But this comment also brings up an intriguing question: is Staffy trolling teh internets trying to get a grasp at what the fans are saying about him? I recall one board recently did have a “Stafford: Player or Punk?” thread, so is this his way of shooting back at the fans? I know there’s inherent curiousity about what people are saying about you online (admit it, you’ve Googled yourself), but still, he’s throwing the internet fan community under the damn bus and we haven’t done anything to deserve it…yet.

Its fine that he has an opinion, but he just needs to be careful about how he expresses that opinion. Remember sunshine, us mouse potatoes pay good money to see you play and buy your merchandise. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

– Last night’s game with Boston was a soul killing affair for the first period-and-a-half. The only real saving grace for this time was the amazing play of Ryan Miller. He had some absolutely fantastic saves and really kept the game from becoming a rout. And, it also looks like we’re back to Original Recipe Miller in the shootout. Maybe last year’s flaky, flippy shootout Miller was just an abhorration?


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  1. […] of events: First the Wild tried to kill hockey, then Staffy was like, “This one is for the mouse potatoes,” and proceed to score a REALLY foxy goal. As a mouse potato, I thank you Drew […]

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