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The Roy-Z Report

October 23, 2008

Derek Roy’s show on Kiss this morning was a mildly entertaining bit of Sabre-y goodness.

– Janet and Nick lightly grilled him on what the heck happened during the Bruins game the other night. Roy felt that coming back from the deficit builds character. Not that they want to come from behind every night, but they’ve learned something from it. Crikey, its only the fifth game and the guys are already breaking out the cliches. What are they going to do in January, when the cliche festival is supposed to be in full swing?

-The team sent Rivet milk and cookies to recuperate from his knee surgery. While I’m 99.9% sure that Roy was being sarcastic with his response, milk and cookies would be a really cool gift to send to someone that’s convalescing.

– In some shocking news, Roy-Z uses hair products. However, he does not have an endorsement deal. Ha! I could only imagine the ribbing he would get from his teammates if he got a deal from BedHead or Redken. That reminds me, I need more flat iron spray.

– He didn’t have a player jersey when he was a kid. Poor little Roy-Z.

– He was asked by a listener who the biggest womanizer on the team is. He plead the fifth on that one, but I’m sure that we all have our theories on who it could be. Janet and Nick let him off the hook by claiming that the biggest womanizer is Sabretooth. I’d probably agree with Janet and Nick, since how many hugs does Sabretooth give away to women during a hockey game.

– Roy-Z is practicing his drum playing. Janet and Nick are joking about getting him on stage at Kissmas Bash. Even seeing Roy on stage with someone would not make me pay good money to attend Kissmas Bash. I’ve heard way too many horror stories.

– He’s rooming with Sejkera on the road. Peters has been thrown overboard for the young guy. No word on whether the Gaustad and Pominville duo have been broken up.

I’ll have more tomorrow after the Sabres/Wild game. Hopefully, it won’t be a soul-killing, trap filled game.