Rocky Mountain High…Kind Of

October 26, 2008

– I can’t complain about the Sabres start to the season. While it would be nice if they could finish a game off in regulation time, I really can’t quibble over the fact that they have earned a point in every single game that they have played so far. 8 games and 14 points is nothing to sneeze at. That puts them at #2 in the league behind the Rangers. While I’m sure I’ll be swearing at the boys during January and February, I’m just content now to sit back and watch things develop.

– I do think Ryan Smyth was effective at throwing Miller off his game, leading to the Avs goal in regulation. Miller was in quite the snit during the game, and it looks like the snit continued after the game, if his postgame comments were any indication.

When he comes by and twists me out of position … tipped puck or whatever, that’s a slow-moving puck that I would have reached if I’d been set. I have no idea why he’s allowed to do it. I had the ice. I was there first. Don’t touch me.”

I think this is where the team missed Rivet’s presence. We’ve all see him go after people who take liberties with Miller’s personal space. Last night could have used a little bit of that.

– I would not be surprised if Mike Weber was called up from Portland for tomorrow night’s game against Ottawa. The Sabres are already down to six defensemen, and losing Tallinder to a laceration didn’t help things last night. Even if Tallinder is cleared to go, I can really see the team having Weber on standby. And besides, the last time someone on the team had a “laceration,” that person missed the final two-and-a-half months of the regular season with a lacerated tendon.

And speaking of defensemen, I do think that Paetsch has played well these past two games. Not bad for a guy who’s main role this season is probably going to be a pressbox resident.

– Is anyone else mildly curious about the “interior decorating” that JM Liles helped Miller out with? Are these two closet HGTV fiends, discussing paint colors and hardware? Or are they just mucking around?

– I really liked Bucky’s latest column in today’s paper. I’m glad that Rivet is settling into Buffalo and realizing that there’s more to us than some boarded up old buildings and EB Green’s steakhouse. And is it me, or is Bucky trying to be more positive lately? I know the season is still young, and there’s plenty of criticism left to be wrote, but the amount of “up” writing so far this season is impressive.

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