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The Kids Are Coming!

October 27, 2008

I think I’ve been priced out of the tickets for the World Junior Championships. $40 per ticket for the upper bowl is just a smidgen out of my price range. Added into the fact that a good chunk of the tournament is going to be played after my Christmas work shutdown is over means that I’ll be a couch potato for this tournament. If Time Warner were smart, they would pick up the TSN feed of the tournament. Ratings would be through the roof in the Buffalo area. (Of course, by that point we could already have TSN on our cable systems, so that wish could be a moot point.)

I wonder if this means that the Sabres are going to be exiled to the road for two weeks, or will they be able to play the occasional home game on an off night during the tournament?

These championships are going to be huge for the City of Buffalo. Not only will the economic impact be huge, but this is Buffalo’s chance to shine on the world stage. (I may also fall over if LQ’s pronunciations of stores being open on the waterfront by the time the tourney rolls around come true.) We’re going to put on one hell of a show, showing that Buffalo really is the City of Good Neighbors, and one heck of a hockey town.

Here’s a pretty neat video recapping the USA’s first and only gold medal win in the WJCs (2004…yes that is Stafford you see and hear zooming around there.)

The thing that always gets me about the WJCs is the wide range of emotions at the end of the gold medal game. The winning team is jumping around like a bunch of lunatics, while the losing team looks like they’re going to be taken out back and shot when they get home. I also like the complete joy that the winning team shows while singing their national anthem during the victory celebration. Those guys are just singing their fool hearts out and its beautiful