Never a Dull Moment In Sabreland

October 29, 2008

– Goose is back! Celebratory honks all the way around. He seems ready and raring to go, if his interview on Sabres.com is any indication. He can pretty much do everything on the ice, except take his glove off. The cast that he’s still wearing kind of prohibits that. He’s not sure what line he’s going to be playing on, but he was practicing with Kaleta and Peters. That’s….an interesting combination to say the least. On the positive side at least, it means that there’s the potential to have another warm body (besides Vanek) to stand in front of the net on the power play. And holy heck Adam Begnini, could you ask any more questions of Goose? Let some of the rest of the reporters have a turn!

– I loved Adam Mair’s comments regarding his little dustup after Monday night’s game. He did a nice job of diffusing the tension in the situation. Then again, he really can’t come out and say that Ruutu and Neil are bleepin’ arseholes, now can he? I mean, he could, but Colin Campbell probably wouldn’t appreciate it too much.

Props though, to Greg W. for finding this awesome picture of Mair to include in his writeup of the situation.

– Today’s Buffalo News contains a great article about what exactly the World Junior Championships mean to the players involved with them. You can really tell that these guys were honored (and still are honored) to have been selected to play for their country, and for the lot of them, only a Cup win would top success in the WJCs.

– Ryan Miller and Santa are going to help open Rotary Rink in Fountain Plaza in a couple of weeks. After the rink is open and the Christmas Tree lit, he will be participating in a meet-and-greet with members of the Rockettes, who are in town for their performance of the Radio City Christmas Show. The first time I read the article, I was skimming it quickly and thought that it said he would be performing with the Rockettes. While that could be great fun, we don’t need the poor dear pulling a groin trying to do a high kick in the kickline.

– Brian Burke shares a little bit about the Team USA 2010 selection process. Burke and his four assistant GM’s are playing with preliminary rosters right now. If a guy shows up on all five faux rosters, there’s a good shot that he would make the team. Other than that, they plan to have a selection camp sometime in the summer of 2009, where 30-35 guys would compete to make the squad. They’re shooting for a younger, rougher, tumbler team than what Team USA has put forth in the past. What exactly does this have to do with the Sabres? Well, Ryan Miller is currently leading the fan poll (objective, I know) to be the team’s starting goalie. Then again, when you’re other choices are Pretty Ricky and Tim Thomas, its a no brainer.

– From the “do not watch if you are squeamish or eating dinner” category, a wide receiver for Houston (college) broke his leg while colliding with a band cart parked outside the endzone.

The human body is not supposed to bend that way! I hurt just watching that clip.

One comment

  1. I love Rotary Rink! With Ryan Miller and Santa, it’s a winning combination and I’ll make sure to attend the festivities.

    Ryan is going to feel like such a pimp surrounded by those long legged Rockettes.

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