One Reminder and Some Thoughts

November 3, 2008

This is my semi-live blog of tonight’s Sabres/Devils game. If you want to read the NJ perspective, hop on over to Interchangeable Parts for Pookie and Schnookie’s thoughts.

First Period

– For the love of everything holy, why is Timmy charging towards the net helmetless? His helmet should require three teammates, an equipment manager and some vaseline to get it off his noggin.

– Could there *be* any more power play opportunities for the Sabres in this first period? Every time I turn around, some hapless Devil is on his way to the box.

– Glad to see that Rivet is back in the lineup. That was a completely surprising personnel move for tonight’s game. I’m shocked that a) Rivet is ready to play and b) Lindy tinkered with the lineup after such a resounding win. We all know Lindy doesn’t like to tinker after wins. And that’s what she said.

– The Devils should be thanking their lucky stars that the score is only 1-0 at the end of the first period. Weekes stopped 20 Sabres shots while the Devils only put three on Miller. That’s roughly a 7:1 shot ratio. Games are not won like that.

– The mentions of Gaustad’s large body are getting a little out of control. I think we were up to four mentions of Gaustad’s size during this period alone. While Gaustad is a little intimidating on the ice, he’s not an extremely bulky guy off the ice. I mean, he’s tall, but he’s not bulky. He carries his weight well, it doesn’t carry him, is what I’m trying to say.

– I just read that Poz is going to be the special guest host of Kissmas Bash. Please tell me that they’re going to give David Archuleta a bench or something to stand on for any photo ops he has to do with Poz. Otherwise, those could be some extremely awkward looking photographs.

– Speaking of awkward photographs, check out Miller being all Gumby-like with his leg propped up 100% on the boards. I try that, I’m on the floor with a broken something-or-other.

Second Period

Rayzor mentions that Lindy preaches a game of tempo and intensity, and he’s getting both in spades from his team tonight. He can say that again.

– Wow. Marty Brodeur has only missed 9 games due to illness or injury during his career. That’s pretty phenomenal, especially for a goalie. Rayzor then mentions that Miller lost 12 pounds or so during last season, and that wasn’t weight he really had room to lose in the first place. I’m glad that this year the Sabres have a perfectly cromulent backup goalie on place, so that Lindy won’t have to ride Miller like Secretariat. (Speaking of backup goalies, does anyone know where Thiebault ended up this year?)

– I noticed that the Sabres have now posted an “Ask a Sabre” feature. You can submit a question to either the entire team or to a specific player and the question may be answered on The Sabres Show. I can think of a couple very easily.

– Dear Timmy: Please shed some further light on your new found love of reading. Are you a library lover (and not in that way, sunshine) or do you pick up the latest and greatest at your favorite local bookstore?

– Dear Team: Do you think anyone will ever get the mythical 5/25 offer? And as a follow-up, during the doldrums of last season, did you ever want to tell Bucky to shove it up his piehole sideways, as he continued to beat the dead horse that was Briere and Drury.

– Dear Ryan Miller: Please explain why The Refinery sells boob hoodies. They serve no useful function other than to cut a woman in half in the most unflattering way. Please reconsider your stance on selling this garment.

– I’m very, very disturbed by the photo over at Puck Daddy of the gentleman who dressed up for Halloween as the be-gashed Clint Malarchuck. Not cool, dude. Not cool. (I’m not linking to it here, since it is kind of disturbing. The photo is in Greg W.’s preview of tonight’s games, if you need/want to see it.)

– The Devils have cheerleaders? The hell?

– Doc ends a brief anecdote about Nathan Gerbe by mentioning that Gerbe is only 5’8. I don’t believe that. Promoting Gerbe to 5’8 would automatically make Roy-Z about 5’10 and that does not compute either.

– I spend the last little bit of the second period looking for Richie Havens’ version of “The Times They Are A Changin” on iTunes. I cannot find it. Boooooo!

– During the intermission, the broadcast staff relates how surprised they are by Miller’s extremely low GAA. They’re not as surprised as some of the fans are. There’s a vocal contingent of Sabres fans who are ready to throw Miller under the bus if he so much as sneezes the wrong way.

Third Period

– The Sabres start the third period by extending their shotless streak to thirteen minutes. At the beginning of the game, they were shooting every other second. Now, they’re not shooting at all. Do they think that there’s a limit to how often and how many shots they can take during a game? Minimizing their shots is not how they win hockey games.

– Dear Doc: its pronounced Rih-vay. Not Ree-vey. K? Thx. Bye.

– Shaq looks like he wants to be anywhere but being interviewed by Versus. Although I do admit that the interview would go a lot better if Shaq would a) enunciate and b) the broadcast staff turned down the background noise. It was a little difficult to hear what Shaq was saying.

– WHOO! Sejkera and/or Paille score. Versus isn’t clear about telling us who did the deed. Correction: The Kaleta scored. There’s just a little bit of difference between Sejkera, Paille and Kaleta is all I’m saying. Clear player identification is pretty important is all I’m saying.

– Miller arguing his puck into the mesh call is pretty comical. He’s so delightfully animated when he feels he’s being wronged.

– Every time Doc or Rayzor mention the Devils Vrana, I have this urge to start humming the Mahna-Mahna song.

– The Devils look like they’ve pulled a page from the Bad Sabre playbook, thinking that the game can be saved with only two consistent periods of hockey on their part.

– Holy crap. Miller has back-to-back shutouts. I don’t think he’s ever done that before. Keep up the good work, Crunchy!

– Post game gives us a nice interview with Miller. He talks about his puckhandling, and how he feels better with it, since its been worked on in practice. However, the lighting at the Rock and Miller’s sweaty head are conspiring to make him look like he’s rapidly gaining a salt-and-pepper shaggy head. Now I think I understand why he’s usually wearing a hat post game.

And now that the game is over, just a friendly reminder to everyone that no matter who you vote for, make sure you vote.

TSN’s James Duthie has a pretty entertaining look at how politics and hockey have intertwined in this election.

– And in honor of Election Day, this blog would not be complete without two of my favorite clips from The West Wing.

Bradley Whitford pwns this little vignette about how our ballots can be somewhat complicated to fill out and understand.

This next one is one of my faves just because it deals with the stereotype of internet crazies. It’s also Aaron Sorkin’s oh-so-subtle “fuck you!” to the good folks over at TelevisionWithoutPity.com, who banned Sorkin from their forums after he got into a pissing match with some fans and one of his writers. In trying to condemn them, he stooped down to their level. Bad Sorkin. But in being a little petulant, he gave Bradley Whitford, Allison Janney and Janel Moloney some pretty great material to work with. Then again, those three could spin shit into gold…and often did, during the John Wells years.



  1. Oh, Ryan. Being all flexible like a goalie should be. And what the hell is a boob hoodie?

  2. Thibault is currently unsigned, to answer your question. Surprised he didn’t end up in the KHL, but I guess an older player may be more likely to take the risk at a job here.

  3. You have to be pre-registered to vote? One of my favorite WW clips, thanks for the memory.

    Anyway, I caught just enough of the game tonight to knwo who won, so thanks for the interesting live blog to catch me up 🙂

    I’ve been reading you since the little plug in TBN last month, I like whatcha got goin on here, thanks

  4. Caroline, a boob hoodie is one of those half-hoodie/cardigan/shrug thingies that stops just below the boobs. Its not a flattering look unless you’re tall, skinny and long torsoed.

    goal10der44, thanks for stopping in and the kind words. My favorite line in that whole sketch is the part about troupe having a u in it. I don’t know why, but it appeals to the word geek in me.

  5. Oh, I think I know what you’re talking about haha. They’re usually meant to cover up your arms if you’re wearing something sleeveless, right?

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