Semi-Live: Thrashers v. Sabres

November 7, 2008

Check in occasionally for semi-live thoughts from tonight’s Sabres/Thrashers game.


– I was listening to the Pominville Report on Z101 on my way to the doctor this afternoon. Pommers shared that Tuesday night was the team’s belated Halloween party. He went as Darth Vader. Or would that be Darth Pommer?  He also admitted that they were keeping tabs on the election results while enjoying each other’s company and the libations and such. I can just imagine the boys gathered round the TV watching the election results in all their costumed glory. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? After reading his comments on Wednesday, can’t you just picture Miller making like Leo McGarry and telling everyone to shut the hell up so he could hear what Wolf Blitzer was talking about, while Kaleta would be confused about what kind of degrees the electoral college gives out.

(By the way, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a massive West Wing fan.)

– Janet and Nick were talking this morning about Derek Roy showing up at the Juicy Couture party at the Tony Walker store last night. Seriously, Derek? Juicy Couture? I thought better of you.

– The Erin and Andrew Peters interview during the Sabres show was pretty cute. I like seeing these behind the scenes features about the guys. You could tell from this interview that Peters kind of struggles with the perception of the fans that he’s just a meathead who’s only role is to beat up the opposition. He wants to be seen as a hockey player not a lunkhead. And also, Augie Peters…completely adorable. Even if he does have an expensive shoe fetish.

– With Hecht coming back from his thumb injury, Stafford is a healthy scratch tonight. Hopefully, the benching will serve as a reminder for Staffy to remove his head from his sphincter, then play hockey. For every absolutely brilliant play he’s had these past couple of games, there’s been a boneheaded play to offset it. While its been a consistent pattern, that’s not the kind of consistency you want in a hockey player.

First Period

– I don’t want to alarm Johan Hedburg, but there is a large orange tiger wearing a hockey jersey standing to his right.

– The HD signal is especially jumpy tonight. I don’t know if there’s a problem with the signal or the camera dude had a double tall latte before the game, but I think I’m getting seasick.

– Jason Williams rings a shot off the post to make it 1-0 Atlanta. That ends Ryan Miller’s bid for a third consecutive shutout. Like that would have happened anyways.

– Yo, Clarke MacArthur: way to be in the right place at the right time to tip in the pass from Tallinder. That’s MacArthur’s 6th goal of the season. Not to shabby for the guy who was supposed to be the first guy dumped onto the waiver wire for the Portland shuffle.

– Speaking of shuffling, Tom Baurle said today that Afinogenov was spotted at City Hall today becoming an American citizen. This may be the oddest (but a good odd!) Sabre related rumor I’ve heard in awhile. I’ll wait for official confirmation or denial before believing it, though.

– This has nothing to do with hockey, but I cannot believe that OAR sings “Turn the Car Around.” It’s such a different sound from their previous work like “Crazy Game of Poker” and “About an Hour Ago.” And I like all three of those songs, so maybe that’s why I’m having difficulty with it?

– Yay! Kotalik’s blast of a shot makes it 2-1 Buffalo. Nice shooting, as Kotalik was practically down on one knee when the puck left his stick.

– The period ends with Hedburg getting peppered by a barrage of Buffalo shots, all of which either go wide or are stopped.

– The intermission includes a brief explanation by Kevin Sylvester about how the waiver wire works. The Buffalo News incorrectly reported that Staffy was going to be able to head up to Portland without being able to clear waivers. However, Staffy only met one of the two conditions necessary to avoid waivers. While he did sign his first professional contract at the age of 20, he’s played in more than the 80 NHL games a person signing their contract at this age is allowed to play in before having to clear the wire. This whole thing is about as clear as mud and I know I’m explaining it poorly.

For future reference, the only ones that can head to Portland without having to go through waivers are Kaleta and Sejkera.

Second Period

– Stat alert: Atlanta has given up 23 goals in the second period alone this season. Buffalo has given up only 24 goals this entire season.

– Atlanta ties it at two, as the puck, the Thrasher and Miller end up in the net in some sort of odd situation.

– Miller again stands tall as he stops Williams on a breakaway after a Sabres line change goes horribly awry.

– Sweet merciful heavens. The 800 pound Russian gorilla has finally left Max Afinogenov’s shoulders, as Afinogenov sped down the wing past Exelby and put the puck past Hedburg. Like Harry Neale said in the first period, Max was going to get a goal or go down trying, as he was everywhere in the first period.

– Max’s goal appears to have woken up the crowd, as the “Let’s Go Buffalo” chant is coming through loud and clear.

– Goose is really taking out his frustrations on his avian kin. He’s out there hitting anything in a white jersey that is moving and remotely near the puck.

– I think the Max rumor I mentioned earlier may be fake, as Harry Neale just mentioned Max was a bit under the weather this morning and missed the early skate. Now I want to know what the heck kind of point Baurle was making that he was trying to change Max’s citizenship.

– Atlanta ties the game on a shot into a wide open net off of a bad rebound by Miller. At least the goal put the Sabres back onto the power play, as the goal was scored during a bit of 4-on-4 play.

TIMMY! I take back any “Old Yeller”, “dead or resting?” or any other mean things I may have said about you, as you rip a shot from the point past Hedburg to give Buffalo the lead again.

Scratch that. The goal has apparently been changed to Vanek, as through super-slow motion blurry technology someone saw that Vanek tipped Timmy’s shot. I think. I just thought it looked like Vanek was going off balance and didn’t touch anything.

– We head into the intermission with a Spacek interview. Spacek interviews never fail to make me smile. Its the intensity of the interview combined with the accent that make them so endearing.

– Ha! Hanging out at IPB has made me smarter! I knew the answer to the trivia question that Scott Stevens holds the NHL record for most games played by a defenseman. This is the second game where IPB knowledge has come in handy. Last game had a question where the answer was “Sergei Zubov.”

Third Period

– 6 minutes into the third period and nothing noteworthy has happened. I still hate the hot girls and skates commercial, in case anyone cares.

– During the killing of Rivet’s penalty, I take a moment to update my bloggy categories and move “Mike Ryan” into the Former Sabres category. I guess the Hockey Gods didn’t like that too much, as White scores for Atlanta to tie the game at 4.

– The crowd starts going bonkers as Vanek does a nifty dipsy doodle reverse around the net and tries to shove the puck past Hedburg. All of the video replays indicate the puck is under Hedburg, presumably over the goal line, but no one can clearly see the puck. And so we wait while the powers that be determine what’s going on. Once its announced as a non-goal, we’re treated to a nice swear word combo from Vanek, most of which is picked up via the microphones in the space inbetween the benches. Kids, don’t ever repeat the words you hear hockey players say. Though they may be some creative combinations that are almost artistic in their beauty, repeating them may cause you to get your mouth washed out with soap.

– La la la. This game has slowed down a bit. I still maintain that Garnett Exelby is not a hockey player name, but instead sounds like a name that should belong to one of Scarlett O’Hara’s many admirers.

– Ooh, after the awarding of the Carubba Collision, we’re treated to a shot of Goose celebrating his victory by giving himself a drink and a small bird bath on the bench. This is what I’ve come to tonight, making bird jokes.


– Harry Neale recaps the big sports weekend going on in Boston this weekend. There’s a Sabres/Bruins game, the Bills/Patriots game, and the Battle of the Catholics: a Boston College v. Notre Dame football game. Rob Ray is giving Rick and Harry grief about their wish of staying in the same hotel as the Notre Dame cheerleaders. I think even the announcers are tired of this game.

– Someone should tell Roy-Z that was a really, really stupid penalty that he took. Really stupid, especially since the ensuing power play lost us the fucking game. Thanks a lot, Derek.

– At least the Sabres got a point out of the deal. Here’s hoping for two tomorrow against Boston.

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  1. Max DID become an American citizen the other day. A few friends of mine were there. 🙂 Carry on.

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