News and Snooze

November 9, 2008

Bucky’s news and notes column this morning is a veritable treasure trove of information. I’m not sure where to even begin.

  • Sounds like the Portland Pirates could be on their way to developing another version of the Core 6. While Bucky claims that the Pirates living in the same apartment complex are experiencing a college-type life minus the kegs and mac and cheese, I think they’re just a Heather Locklear and Courtney Thorne Smith away from a Melrose Place redux. (Speaking of which, the CW is potentially going to redo Melrose in the same way they redid Beverly Hills 90210. That could either be a really, really good thing, or a really, really bad thing. Nothing will ever top the cheesiness and craziness that was original Melrose, so should they even bother?)
  • Ovie beat up Malkin’s agent in a bar in the summer of 2007, leading to the destruction of the Ovie and Malkin friendship? Wow. I never pictured Ovie as the type to get into bar fights. I wonder what the fight was all about.
  • I find it hysterical that Chris Chelios admitted that his wife wears the voting pants in their family. While I can kind of see his reasoning behind not voting, you would think that a guy who has practically had a Team USA sweater tattooed on his body would take more of an interest in how his country is being run.

– Hopefully the next three days off will give Ryan Miller a chance to work on some goalie fundamentals. He was giving up some huge rebounds last night. And he was flopping around like a dying trout for a good portion of the game. I don’t think “dying trout” is a proper goalie style.

– I caught the end of the Canucks game last night and was really glad to see the crowd so excited for Luongo to get his third consecutive shutout. I was also amused by the gameday staff playing “Louie Louie” (or is that “Lui Lui”) during the postgame team hugfest.

– This Bills game is annoying the heck out of me right now. But its not what’s going on in the game that’s really bothering me (yet), its the crappy CBS broadcast. First, on the HD channel, it took a few minutes for the Bills feed to come up (forcing us all to watch the Bears/Titans) and even then the Bills feed was in standard definition. Now, after a quarter since the switch to HD, the feed is back to the standard definition one on the high def channel. Its annoying as you know what.

– Anyone who has ever seen the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs needs to watch this Sesame Street clip. Mike Rowe is completely adorkable in it.


  1. Wow. Drama, drama, drama with Ovie and Malkin. Who knew Ovie was such an angry dude?

    I loved the end of the Canucks game. So adorable. Sometimes our crowd gets a bum rap, but that was some good stuff. Louie Louie was a nice touch. Heh.

  2. Oh my god. Mike Rowe is in Oscar’s garbage can. I thought that was against the rules or something.

  3. Danielleia, I laughed when Mike Rowe made the joke about wanting to go in the back door. Talk about not being meant for kiddies!

  4. Dying trout is a perfectly legitimate goaltending style. Just ask Dan Cloutier.

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