Another Couple Day Break

November 10, 2008

– So Doc Emerick was named the recipient of this year’s Foster Hewitt Award, which is given by the Hockey Hall of Fame to a member of the NHL broadcast community for their outstanding contributions to broadcasting and the game of hockey. The list of reciepients is a veritable “who’s who” of hockey broadcasting, including the Sabres own late, great Ted Darling. So my question is, when will RJ get his due? The man has been the Sabres announcer (whether radio or TV) since the team’s second season. In all those years of service, he’s only missed two games due to illness. RJ is an institution in these parts; hopefully the Hockey Hall of Fame will recognize him someday.

– Another weekend gone haywire for the Sabres, another 30-minute closed door meeting before the first weekday practice. I’m sure the players loved having another ass chewing followed by an long practice. But you know what, I don’t care. They blew two games in a row again. Maybe the lesson in removing heads from sphincters and then playing hockey will sink in this time.

(Cookies to the first reader who can name what movie I ripped that last line from.)

And while he’s got his Irish in an uproar, can we then send Lindy down to One Bills Drive and let him say a few words to the Bills? After the way the Bills played this weekend, I think they need a good old-fashioned Lindy lecture. Jauron may be a good coach, but he strikes me as too mild-mannered to put the fear of god into his team. Can you imagine the look on a Bills players’ face if he was called out publicly like Lindy has been known to do with a Sabre or two? Could you imagine how Jason Peters would react if he was called out for AGAIN missing a speed rush?

– Danny Paille is the featured Sabre in this week’s “Your Sabres Delivered” section on the website. I let out a small “aww” when I saw that he mentioned that Gaustad was the teammate he’s learned the most from.

Since I’ve played with him in Rochester he’s taught me a lot on the penalty kill and every time things don’t go well he’s very positive.

Sounds like Goose could be the rah-rah cheerleader in the locker room, which I wasn’t quite expecting. I get a stoic vibe from Goose, rather than a cheerleader vibe.

And I will reserve comment on Stafford hanging out with MacArthur and Paille. Why do I have this feeling that the three of them could be the team’s version of the Three Stooges?

And I will also not comment on his watching of the Paris Hilton BFF reality show. I watched Flava of Love and the Charm School shows, so I have no room to judge.

– I’m not a fan of the Gaustad / Mair / Peters line that skated at practice today. I like the Gaustad / Stafford / Paille line more. The former seems to be a hit first, offense later line; while the latter trends more towards offense with the physicality thrown in.

– It’s now officially the holiday season: I’ve seen the Hershey’s Kiss commercial where the kisses act like bells and perform ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’


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  1. With all these meetings and all the long practices and all the talking-to from Craig Rivet (OK, that’s not in the article, but the good old Buffalo News reports that he always talks to the team after practices)… I’m encouraged, anyway. There was NONE of that last year, except for maybe once or twice. It tells me that the coaches genuinely have high expectations for the team this year (and that they had none last year lol). That’s a good thing, I think.

    Also, Gaustad + Paille = ❤

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