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They’re All Fired

November 15, 2008

After last night’s loss, I want to fire the entire team with the exception of the following:

Ryan Miller – not his fault that he stepped into a pile of shit last night and had to play 14 minutes of semi-cleanup duty. Though I did notice during the goalie transition that Miller was sporting an unfortunate case of flat hat hair, received from wearing his yellow trimmed beanie during the game.

Drew Stafford – can’t punish him for this. Emphasis on the word this. There’s still plenty of things left to blame Staffy for.

Pat Kaleta – the kid was playing good until Lindy made him ride the pine. Not sure what the rationale is behind that one.

Nathan Paetsch – can’t blame him for being the seventh man in a six man band.

– With the news that Kotalik has a hamstring owie and may be out for a while, do you play Stafford or Kaleta? Stafford’s been in a slump, but the benching might have made him find his mojo again. Kaleta was playing well before his benching and he brings some oomph and chutzpah to the lineup. As much as I like Staffy, I’d vote for Kaleta.

Or, Lindy could do something radical and bench Derek Roy’s Juicy Couture wearing ass for a game. Since yelling before / during / after games doesn’t seem to sink in with young Roy-Z, maybe a night in the press box with some popcorn and sports writers would deliver Lindy’s message loud and clear.

– Did anyone else pick up on the “man on the prowl” vibe that Adam Mair was giving off during his sit down with Maria Genero on “The Sabres Show?” It was most notable during the part where Mair was trying to convince Genero that 40 is the new 30, which is the new 20. Then again, maybe it was the shit eating grin on Mair’s face, coupled with the undone by one too many buttons shirt with the bit of chest hair popping out at the top, that made it seem like that vibe was present.

– I did like hearing the explanation behind the decorations on Lalime’s mask. How sweet that he has something special for each of his daughters. And his daughters’ names are beautiful (Rosemary, Lilliana and Evangeline), not that my opinion matters.

– After almost being declared dead by much of the free world (including yours truly), I was surprised to see Timmy playing last night. At times, it seemed like he was the only player for the Sabres trying to do something. He played almost 19 minutes of the game, which is a pretty fair showing. Granted, a good chunk of it was power play time, but its still a decent amount of time.

Hopefully a different team shows up against the Pens tonight. Otherwise, its going to be a long, ugly Saturday night.