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Newsflash: A Hockey Game is 60 Minutes Long

November 16, 2008

Not 50. Or 51:43. Someone really, really needs to communicate that critical fact to the Buffalo Sabres. Last night’s game was just ridiculous in that the Sabres watched a lead get right the heck away from them. They retreated into their shells, and tried to protect their lead, but guess what, it didn’t work. Has it worked the past 37 times they’ve tried it? NO! So why do they keep doing it?

I honestly wouldn’t blame Lindy if after the game he had told the players they were walking back from Pittsburgh. Maybe a nice hike through some remote areas in cold weather would wake some of these guys the heck up.

– I was really, really amused by Miller deciding to spear Jordan Staal in the bits. Yes, I know its unsportsmanlike and maybe Miller didn’t react in the best way to people being in his personal space. But the Penguins had been taking liberties with him all night, shooting the puck at him after whistles, banging away in the crease, etc. But none of his teammates were standing up for him while these liberties were being taken, so I really don’t blame Miller for taking matters into his own hands, if you will.

– Did Tallinder step into Lindy’s dog house again? Every other defenseman played well over 18 minutes (with Rivet and Lydman breaking the 21 minute barrier) while Tallinder was just a hare under 13:30.

– I love the look of intense concentration on Miller’s face in this shot:

Sabres Penguins Hockey

At least he showed up for most of the game.

– I watched Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Thanksgiving Leftover Bonanza this morning. I know that when I have my fellow lushes, I mean “friends,” over for Thanksgiving leftovers, I always make sure to tell them what I’m wearing so that we all can be color coordinated to each other, the kitchenscape and the tablescape. I’m still in horror over what she did to that leftover turkey, as well as shuddering at the thought of mixing mashed potatoes and green bean cassorole together for dumpling filling.