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Saves for Cancer

November 17, 2008

– So Ryan Miller did an interview with Howard Simon this morning promoting his charity work with the Steadfast Foundation and Carly’s Club.  His “Saves For Cancer” program in conjunction with several local companies is looking to raise $100,000 for Carly’s Club this year. Last season, the program raised only $30,000 due to its late start. Four local companies are donating a specific amount of money to Carly’s Club for every save that Miller makes during the season (current count: 157). This effort is one of those where you want Miller to face a lot of shots and make a lot of saves so that Carly’s Club gets a lot of money, but at the same time, you know that if your goalie is facing a lot of shots and making a lot of saves, that means The System is on a holiday in Acapulco and the team is not playing well.

– According to Miller, Adam Mair and Nathan Paetsch have fantasy football teams and are very much into analyzing the statbits for their teams. Ryan recommends that if WGR needs a fill-in host, they contact one of those two. Can you imagine Mairsy in all his pimp daddy glory hosting a radio show?

– Miller and the gang may “poke heads in” on tonight’s Buffalo / Cleveland game. I’d find it hysterical if Lindy decided to have an early morning bag skate or intense practice tomorrow. Nothing says “cure for hangover” like a rousing bag skate with the underlying theme of “Stick to the System” with a side order of “A Game is 60 Minutes Long.”

– He really doesn’t have any answers for anyone on the Sabres slow start. He flat out said that he was trying not to be too cliche, while just being cliche enough on the what’s going on with them. He says the system breaks down when two guys try to cover the same piece of ice, or instead go after the guy carrying the puck and not the open guy (who is more dangerous than the one with the puck.)

– And this wasn’t in the WGR interview, but Patches was playing forward with MacArthur and Stafford at practice today. Roy-Z was given the day off due to a groin strain (that’s what she said), Timmy was off getting a second opinion, and Kotalik has a hamstring injury. Roy is expected to play, Kotalik is out for a couple of weeks, but no word on Timmy. Le sigh.

– To the persons who found my blog using “paul gaustad catholic,” I’m sorry, I don’t know whether he is or not. Can’t help you there. Nor do I know whether Staffy drools. Nor do I want to know. And if you’ll excuse me, I’m done with this bloggy thing for tonight and am going to watch the Jeff Dunham holiday special before the Bills game. Peace out.