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Newsflash: Timmy’s Injured More Seriously Than First Thought

November 18, 2008

– So according to John Vogl’s latest post on Sabres Edge, Timmy is now week-to-week with an “upper body musculoskeletal injury.” As Vogl was so nice to explain for those of us without formal medical training, musculoskeletal simply means “the parts that make up the body.” So basically anything on Timmy from his widdle noggin to his widdle bits could be injured, as anything in between those two extremes technically makes up the upper body. I really hope that its nothing serious, because while its occasionally fun to make Old Yeller jokes about Timmy, sometimes he is just another hapless dude that needs a little bit of care and sympathy.

I really don’t like the vagueness of these injury reports. While we can all get creative with what exactly an upper body musculoskeletal injury exactly is, it doesn’t really do anything except allow wacky rumors to get started about what exactly is wrong with a player. Unless the injury is something really embarassing (you know, like Timmy’s man boob disassociated itself from his chest, or something), just tell us what the hell it is already. Stop the rumor mill before it starts!

At practice today, Lindy broke up the Roy – Vanek combo. Vanek played with Hecht and Pommers, while Roy-Z centered Staffy and MacArthur. If the latter line stays together, I really want to call them the Snot-Nosed Punk Line. Even though C-Mac isn’t a snot nosed punk as far as I know, he’s guilty by association. The other two lines were Mair/Paille/Afinogenov and Goose/Kaleta/Peters.

– I don’t even want to talk about last night’s Bills game. I fully admit to not being as up on my football knowledge as I could be, but did I miss the memo about Brady Quinn being the new Football Baby Jeebus? Tony Kornheiser was slurping the heck out of Quinn last night. I think every time TK opened his mouth, it was to praise BQ. It was downright annoying. I liked Mike Tirico’s play-by-play, and Jaworski’s analysis was spot-on, but Kornheiser just needed to STFU most of the time.

However, I did get a good chuckle when TK remarked that Trent Edwards perhaps needed to buy his defense dinner and watches for limiting the Browns to only 13 points off those three interceptions. At that point, Trent was playing so horribly that he should’ve bought me dinner and a watch for suffering through watching his passing game.

– And to end on a happy note, I liked the little article on showing what charity organizations the Sabres are involved with. I knew about Goose and Camp Good Days, and Crunchy and Roswell/Steadfast and what Peters does for domestic violence and missing children’s charities, but I had no idea about some of the other players involvement.