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Double You. Tee. Eff. Sabres? Double You Tee Eff.

November 20, 2008

– I go out of town for 24 hours and the wheels manage to completely fall off the Sabres wagon. What the hell? Since I didn’t get to see any of the game due to not arriving in Albany until 9:30pm and having a stupid fucking hotel internet connection that wouldn’t cooperate, I had no idea what happened to the Sabres last night other than what pithy information was contained on the ESPN ticker. I could watch the entire end of the Rangers game on the hotel TV, but darned if I knew anything about the Sabres other than Vanek scoring two goals and Pommers adding another one.

(By the way, the Rangers losing did make me feel a little bit better. Or maybe I was still on the food high from the pork chops I had for dinner. Seriously, these pork chops were amazing. They were grilled chops, then topped with mashed sweet potatoes and broiled for a second or two, and then the whole thing was drizzled with a warm apple glaze. They were absolutely amazing.)

Anyway, I come back to Buffalo today to find out that the wheels came off the wagon on all fronts. Hank had his ass nailed to the bench after a bad giveaway, Miller got pulled and Lindy’s seething.

So to them I saw Double You Tee Eff Sabres. Double You Tee Eff. You went from a fantastic start to giving up roughly eighty bajillion goals in your past three games. Did you suddenly forget how to play defense? Goal? Offense? Is The System still on holiday in Acapulco? Why do you now suddenly suck so bad?

But at least someone is realizing that its on the 23 guys in the room to fix whatever the heck is wrong on the Sabres.

We have to fix this,” Gaustad said. “The coaches are putting in game plans that are the right ones. We just have to execute. It’s the players in the locker room right now.

Yay! Self-awareness! But the real question is what they will do about it?

–  Lindy’s quote discussing Timmy’s injury is vaguely unvague.

“It’s an injury that I don’t want to explain,” Ruff said. “It’s a tough one, and I don’t want to explain it. I give him a lot of credit for muscling his way through one game. If it was a groin injury, I’d tell you a groin because nobody’s going to go after his groin. If it’s an injury where I really think somebody could target, you don’t say anything.

I’m still voting for disassociated man boob. The chest is definitely a targetable area of the body. A well-placed elbow or stick can really do some damage.