Philly Phollies

November 22, 2008

Random miscellaneous thoughts from last night’s game.

– Miller went down way, way too early on the first Philly goal. Him down on the ice practically made the entire net open.

– The team was hitting the broad side of the barn with their shots. Now, they just need to concentrate on hitting the barn door and getting the damn pucks into the net.

– Nice to see that the coaching staff had confidence in Mancari by putting him on the powerplay right away.

– The team seemed to play more cohesively without Max in the lineup. The guys didn’t have to think six steps ahead about what Max could potentially do. Instead, they could just run with the play.

– Speaking of Max, I think we can cross 10-pound catfish off the list of things that the Sabres would accept in a deal for him. As we learned during last night’s episode of the Sabres Show, Paul Gaustad is afraid of live fish and worms. It would not do for a key member of the Sabres to be afraid of a new acquisition.

Relax, Goose. No fishies will be joining the team. We’ll make sure of that.

Although…how long is it going to be before one of his wiseass teammates pulls a prank on him involving his locker, fish and worms?

Genero’s interview with Gaustad was probably one of the best so far in that Gaustad was completely relaxed with her. There wasn’t any squickiness in the air *coughAdamMaircough*, but the location for the interview was completely odd. I get that Gaustad was a member of the rink teardown crew when he was a wee lad in Portland, but does interviewing someone in the bowels of HSBC Arena really make sense? I kept getting distracted from the interview because I was looking at what was in the piles of crap in the background.

I also liked that Gaustad admitted that making the NHL was never his goal. His main goal was to pay for college and he almost fell into the NHL. You could tell that he definitely appreciates what he has and what he’s been given moreso than someone who’s been told that they’re god’s gift to hockey and will make the NHL someday. (I’m not naming names, but I’m sure we all have our suspects as to who this guy is. And this guy isn’t just limited to the Sabres. Every team has one.)

– Check back later tonight for a semi-live game blog of the Sabres / Isles game. Now with 100% less Pretty Ricky.


One comment

  1. The Sabres take the funniest pictures. I think Adam Mair is “most photogenic” on the team.

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