Good Things

November 23, 2008

– The Bills win today helped salvage this Buffalo sports weekend for me. After the Sabres let me down, the Bills pulled through and completely trounced the Chiefs.

If they wouldn’t have won, could you imagine what WGR would have been like tomorrow morning? The station probably would have had to have East Side Eddie and Lackawanna Louie on suicide watches. I was listening to the postgame show while doing the dishes earlier tonight and thought it was pretty funny that Bulldog had to specifically mention that callers today don’t necessarily have to be negative when they call in. There were plenty of things that went right today for the Bills, no need to nitpick to find the bad stuff. And I agree! They won for pete’s sake. Let’s not slit our collective sports fan wrists over a win.

And at least the football related talk at most Buffalo Thanksgiving tables will be happy. The hockey related talk…well, depending on what happens on Wednesday night, could still go either way.

– I was glad to see Leodis McKelvin finally show up today. He had 67 yards in kick returns, and two interceptions, including one for a touchdown.

– I also liked that Trent Edwards also seemed to get his mojo back. He had a 75% completion rate, threw for two touchdowns, ran for two more and seemed more confident in the pocket. I hope this means Old Trent is back, and New Trent has been banished to the deep recesses of his psyche.

– Speaking of Trent, wow, is he looking sharp in his postgame interview. Screw that, the entire team is looking sharp. Was there a group field trip to Napoli’s, M.Wile or Riverside Men’s Shop? The past couple of games have seen the guys giving postgame interviews in nothing more than jeans and sweaters. Did someone crack the dress code whip? If so, I wholeheartedly approve.

Moving on…

– Timmy spoke to the media last night and revealed that he had been suffering from a broken rib. (And not disassociated man boob, endometriosis, a bit relocation or a head injury, as had been speculated at various points around teh internets.) I give Timmy a bunch of credit for even playing through something as painful as an undiagnosed broken rib. I just have to wonder what’s going to break next on the guy? His hip was repaired in the offseason, his vertebrae just healed and now he broke a rib. What’s next?

Private to the Hockey gods, DON’T ANSWER THAT!

– I’m really amused that Ryan Miller thinks that he’s getting old, as his iPod choices have recently seen him revisiting some of the bands he listened to in high school (Smashing Pumpkins and Counting Crows, if anyone is wondering.) And as much as Miller is trying to be cool about what music he listens to, isn’t Counting Crows like the least offensive band ever? And I say that having ABBA and Neil Diamond on my iPod. (But at least ABBA and Neil Diamond have a kitchy cool factor associated with them. I don’t think you can say that about Counting Crows.)

I can certainly empathize with wanting to revisit the high school years, as it seems like every so often I have this massive urge to listen to the RENT soundtrack, which along with boy band music, played a really big role in my high school years. I remember getting stuck in a car one night with my friends doing laps around Gates Circle, but it was alright, because we were singing “La Vie Boehme” at the top of our lungs. I also remember the endless BSB or N*Sync discussions that seemed to dominate the conversations at school. You could either like one or the other. You couldn’t like both. (For the record, I liked N*Sync better.)

I also got a good laugh at Miller’s subtle dig on “Kiss FM” trying to steer music tastes by telling their listeners that “OMG THIS SONG IS THE BESTEST ANYTHING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF ANYTHING WE’VE EVER PLAYED ON THIS STATION!” One of my co-workers listens to Kiss at his desk, and I can hear it pretty clearly. For example. I think Kiss plays “Womanizer” at least 5 times during my 8 hour workday. It’s enough to make you want to bang your head against your desk and then turn your iPod up louder.



  1. I’ve yet to meet a single person who couldn’t stand the Counting Crows (same for the Goo Goo Dolls). It’s just… not possible for that to happen.

    And I will seriously shoot anyone who wants to complain about the Bills this week…. Give us just ONE WEEK, PLEASE! One more week of thinking our teams are OK. That would be nice.

  2. I love that he listens to The Raconteurs! I love them and I saw them over the summer too. I got excited when he said he saw them too thinking that we saw them at the same show, but I saw them in Chicago, not Detroit.

  3. I love his quirky sense of humor… the I had it first comment cracked me up…

    BTW… Kings of Leon rawks! I listen to it almost every time I get in my truck… it drives hubby mad… LOL!

  4. Yeah, the Counting Crows are definitely pretty inoffensive there. My high school flashback music is mostly Ani DiFranco, Rancid, and the Violent Femmes. So at the very least I could probably annoy a wider swathe of people than Miller could! 🙂

    Seriously though, I get the impression that he thinks his musical taste is rather more esoteric than it actually is. It’s totally entertaining.

  5. I love the Counting Crows- and the Smashing Pumpkins for that matter. They are both really fun live too. 🙂

    And I pretty much HATE Kiss FM

  6. but Ryan and i would have been in HS at the same time. (i think he’s a year ahead of me) so I guess it makes sense. Smashing Pumpkins totally bring back my sophomore year.. and I still love them!

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