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What I’m Thankful For

November 26, 2008

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I present a list of what I’m thankful for this year (in addition to the usual health, home and family, that is).

– I’m thankful that Brian Campbell still manages to find a way to put his foot in his mouth. In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, while discussing his return Wednesday night to San Jose, he made the following comment about the Buff:

Buffalo will be a little tougher,” he said. ”I’m glad we’re not going there this year, and hopefully a year from now if we go there, they won’t know who I am. That’d be fine by me.

Soupy, Soupy, Soupy. You played here for seven years. We’ll never forget you. Have you learned nothing from the returns of Danny Briere, Chris Drury, Michael Peca, Miro Satan and Dominik Hasek? We never forget!

– I’m thankful that pardoning a turkey doesn’t mean you’ll get a reputation as being soft on turkeys:

– I’m thankful that the NHL is still around 91 years after its inception.

– I’m thankful for each and every single one of the Buffalo Sabres. Oh sure, there are times I’d like to give each and every single one of them a good smack upside the head, but most of the time, I’m thankful for them.

– I’m still thankful for Mr. Golisano stepping up and rescuing the Sabres from oblivion a couple of years ago.

– I’m also thankful that the Sabres all genuinely seem to like each other and get along. We saw that this past offseason during the flurry of contract extensions, that each guy mentioned that he was glad to be in town, staying with the same group of guys.

– I’m thankful that the Sabres don’t have a locker room cancer. Or, if they do, he’s exceedingly well hidden.

– I’m thankful that the Vancouver Canucks put Roberto Luongo on the IR, allowing me to pick up another player for The Little Honkers.

– I’m thankful that I live in a great city with great people.

– I’m thankful that I work at a job that I love, with people that I adore.

– I’m thankful that the Sabrelogosphere contains some of the most witty, intelligent, observant and clever writers out there.

– I’m thankful for Darcy Regier. The fact that he runs one of the tightest ships in the business may make it maddening for fans during trade deadline day and UFA day, but the end result of that tight ship is that we can be pleasantly surprised by whatever deal results from Darcy’s quiet machinations.

– I’m thankful that Paul Gaustad looks good holding a puppy. Alright, so I’m not really thankful for Goose and puppies, I just felt the need to link to the post with the picture. (And was that puppy the runaway star of last year’s Catwalk for Charity, or what?)

– I’m thankful for the quick laughs offered by the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special. I especially enjoy Jeff Dunham and Achmed’s attempts at cracking up Guitar Guy.

– I’m thankful that Lindy Ruff has a sense of humor, even when things aren’t going right. RJ made a comment during tonight’s game that during a trip to Atlanta, they drove past a billboard that announced there are 200,000+ houses for sale in the Atlanta area. Lindy cracked that there would be one for sale up in Buffalo if the team didn’t start winning some games soon.

– I’m thankful for the complete insanity that is Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee. Some of the stuff that Sandra Lee comes up with is just so out there and bizzare, that all one can do is just drop one’s jaw in horror. It’s truly appointment TV with my TiFaux.

– I’m also thankful for spell check, gel pens, wrist braces, clicky pencils, e-mail read receipts and FedEx.