Sweet Staffy and Goose

November 28, 2008

– Did anyone a) expect the Sabres to beat the Pens tonight and b) expect the Sabres to beat the Pens on goals from Stafford and Goose alone?

– Glad to see Stafford finally find his scoring touch. More score, less punk, Staffy.

– I think its sweet that Goose is still given 10 cents per goal by his grandfather (20 cents for game winning goals). From what Kevin Sylvester said, it’s a family tradition dating back to Goose’s youth hockey days. According to Sabres.com, this little tradition has cost Gaustad’s grandfather $3 since 1998.

– How adorkable were the Sabres celebrating after the win? Their little dance, coupled with the shoving of Miller almost fully into the net, showed that these guys really wanted this win.

– The officiating tonight was horrible. A Sabre sneezed on a Penguin and got called for a penalty. Yes, those penalties were rightfully deserved, but the same types of offenses were committed by the Penguins and not called. There was absolutely no consistency to the officiating tonight.

– I asked my uncle who was going to the game to pick me up an ornament at the Sabres ornament surprise table. Details tomorrow or later this week on who I got.

– Please check out Wrap Around Curl for anothe chapter in how some hockey teams aren’t quite understanding the concept of blogs, the internet and how not to piss off your fans.



  1. A Sabre sneezed on a Penguin

    That made me actually laugh out loud. I think it’s just been a long day…but it’s funny to think of a Sabres sneeze on a actual penguin. LoL

  2. Who WOULDN’T give Paul Gaustad ten cents a goal? I mean, honestly.

  3. Thank you so much for linking me! I really really appreciate it.

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