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Saturday Surprises

November 29, 2008

– I went to the Radio City Christmas Show at Shea’s this afternoon. The show was absolutely amazing. I really feel in the Christmas spirit tonight. The train ride to the theatre was comical, as we were on the train with a group of about 30 senior citizens who had never been on the train before. They were amazed at the little things, like how the ticket machine worked, how the train coming down the tunnel towards the station made the station get colder, etc. These senior citizens were really having a good time.

And attending a show at Sheas is always a fun experience. The theatre lobby is absolutely gorgeous with all the marble and wood and the Christmas decorations only added to the splendor. I think the main staircase would be a gorgeous place to have wedding photos taken. The inside of the theatre house is just beautiful, with all the hand painted decorations and trim.

My favorite number of the entire show was The Nutcracker medley. The traditional holiday music featured a cast of dancers in bear costumes, bears dressed as ballerinas and cossacks. I love the Nutcracker music, and the dancing bears brought just the right whimsical touch to the routine. It was hysterical and adorable at the same time. And surprisingly, no children melted down at the sight of the dancing bears.

I really, really recommend that you see this show if it comes back to Buffalo next holiday season. It’s well worth the money for the tickets.

– I’m excited there’s a new Sabres Green Team commercial playing Not that I was tiring of seeing Gaustad in that spiffy grey jacket, but I already know about turning my thermostat down. I’m ready for some new fun environmental facts, please!

– Why does this feed out of Montreal look like its being shot at the bottom of a fish tank? It’s making me feel like I need to get my eyes checked and my glasses adjusted. I also feel like it’s well on its way to giving me a migraine.

– Memo to Jaro Spacek. Killing Pat Kaleta with a slap shot may seem like a good idea in theory, but in execution, it’s not!

– Someone on the Montreal defense is going to be fired after letting Vanek remain unmolested behind them, leading to the Sabres first goal.

– After re-seeing the Paul Gaustad interview with Maria Genero, I’m still struck by how aware Gaustad is of the local area. He mentions the art gallery and our great mom-and-pop hole in the wall restaurants as pluses. It’s such a contrast to an interview Willis McGahee gave last year where he only mentioned Buffalo as being known for its Applebees and TGI Fridays.

– Speaking of football for a moment, the word coming out of New York is that New York Giant Plaxico Burress shot himself in the thigh accidentally while at a club. While the poor dear should be thankful that he didn’t shoot his bits off, inquiring minds do want to know why he had a gun on him at a club in the first place.

– Clarke MacArthur is not inspiring confidence in me with his comment during the intermission that it may take the Sabres until the very end of the game to pull out a win. Can someone tell these guys that a hockey game is a full 60 minutes, and a complete 60 minute effort is required? I’m getting tired of the cardiac kid routine. They can’t keep going to that well.

– That 2 minute 5-on-3 penalty kill by Buffalo in the third period was outstanding. Toni Lydman’s three blocks toward the end of the kill were superb.

– It’s sad that the aforementioned penalty kill was the highlight of the third period.