That’s What He Said

December 3, 2008

– I’m finding the whole Sean Avery “sloppy seconds” situation pretty comical. I mean, should Avery have said what he said in front of the media? That’s a resounding NO. But should the NHL have stepped in and suspended Avery? Probably not. By stepping in, the league took what should have been a quietly handled team matter and thrust it even further into the spotlight. All the league would have had to have said is that “the Stars are handling it, but we’ve discussed this situation with their management, and have given our input on the matter blahblahblah Colin Campbell cakes” Now, because the league has stepped in, discussions of whether the league is being hypocritical are now hitting the media and the blogosphere. I mean, the League doesn’t have a consistent standard when it comes to suspension-worthy infractions, or suspension length. Someone executes a late hit, and they’re given a slap on the wrist, but someone else calls their ex-girlfriend a skanky ho, and they’re suspended indefinitely.

What’s also adding to the hilarity is the MSM’s creative editing of the term “sloppy seconds.” Could some people take offense to such a term? Yes, and I’m sure some people are. But at the same time, that phrase is at the heart of the story. Removing that phrase and substituting a euphemism like cheap tart, or removing the phrase and bracketing in [euphemism for loose woman] is really taking away the main reason why this story is even a story at all.

And to think that if Avery had just kept his mouth shut to the media and made his comments to Phaneuf on the ice, none of this would have happened. Ok, so Avery might have been Phaneuf’d into the fourth row during last night’s game, but there would be 97% less pearl clutching going on this morning.

I did like Lindy’s comments on Avery-gate:

“We always talk to our players about how much pride they have to take in representing the Buffalo Sabres, the organization and themselves. I do it every year at the start of training camp … We’re in a unique situation here in that we’re a lot closer to our fans than in a lot of cities. I want our fans and our young followers to be proud of the way our players handle themselves.”

Obviously Lindy has not seen any of his boys on Chippewa.

And why do I have a feeling that the plane ride to Florida is going to include a brief lecture from the Sabres PR department about how to conduct oneself in front of the media or just out in public? I mean, the ish hit the fan last year when Soupy busted out with the Expletive Deleted Stupid Ice Bowl comments at the Buckin Buffalo, and that was relatively minor compared with how the league is viewing the Avery situation.

– Moving on, why does the Lindy Roast at WGR’s Whiney awards sound like it could be a barrel of laughs?

– I’m not sure that I like this “fresh start” crap that the Sabres are spewing. Do they need to forget the past couple of games? Probably. But at the same time, they shouldn’t forget the streak they went on to start the season? Remember that? It was when Buffalo was having fun with their sports teams, instead of running around looking for bandwagons to jump off of. I did like that Rivet skated in the post-meeting practice despite being injured. Now that’s a leader.


  1. Obviously Lindy has not seen any of his boys on Chippewa.


  2. I don’t buy into the “we are starting over” crap either.

    This team is soft and needs player changes.

  3. I think Lindy wants them to forget about their rough stretch, and that’s why he said a “clean slate”. It has a lot to do with confidence I think, and if the team can forget about those games, then they can re-gain the confidence they need in order to perform like they did in the beginning of the season.

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