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Sabres vs. Panthers – The Will They Ever Bleepin’ Win Again? Edition

December 4, 2008

– And it looks like there’s plenty of good seats still available in Miami for tonight’s Sabres game.

– How in the heck can Harry Neale continue to mix up Gaustad and Pominville? Not only is there the height and weight difference, but the mix up happened on the power play. Pommers generally does not play dancing bear in front of the net on special teams. He doesn’t have the size for it. (Sorry, Pommers, but it’s true.)

– CBC took a three part look at what could be behind this season’s goalie injury epidemic. Part I of their story details how NHL teams tend to ride their number one (or hot) goalie like Secretariat. Part II examines whether equipment changes implemented this season could be a factor. (Smaller equipment equals more stress on the body.) Part III posits that the widespread use of the butterfly style places more stress on the knees, hips and groins than previous standup styles. Not knowing a lot about the mechanics of goaltending, I thought it was an interesting read, and it really does put into perspective Miller’s past comments about watching his hips and knees during the season.

Katebits posted Sneaker Dog. Heather B. posted Cat on a Treadmill. Following their fine examples, I present Roomba Cat.

Thanks to Ank at OffCamber for providing this latest bit of soothing animal therapy.

– On my lunch today, I was reading the recap of Bucky’s Inside the NHL chat at I was enjoying what I was reading, as the chat was informative and even a little funny. Then Bucky posits that the current situation with the team would not be happening if Drury was still on the team. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. The 05-06 and 06-07 Sabres had plenty of brain fade moments, and plenty of moments where they weren’t listening to Lindy. However, those teams were getting every bounce (or almost every bounce) going their way. The current Sabres haven’t had the luck with the bounces.

I also think that Rivet may be just as strong of a “leader” as Drury ever was. We’ve heard about the players only meetings and chats that the team has had this season. Rivet is working actively to keep the team focused. And it’s a very good chance that we’re only hearing about these meetings and such now because the team isn’t doing so well, but did Mr. Leadership Himself hold team meetings when he was in charge of the Sabres?

– During the in-game interview with Roy-Z regarding his coach from junior, I realize that the Sabres appear to bring fancy nameplates along for the road locker rooms. Some teams mark locker space with masking tape and a Sharpie. The Sabres use name plates that would fit in anywhere in Corporate America.

– I may be late to the party with this one, but I really like the Winter Classic commercial. Anything that mixes the great Chicago tradition of sing-a-longs to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” and hockey can’t be bad, right?

– I think I dance better than a couple of the Panthers dancers shown during the intermission. And I have absolutely no sense of rhythm.

– Miller steps up to the plate and bails out his teammates on a two-on-one shorthanded break. Honestly, I thought the puck was going into the net even after the save, as I couldn’t tell what direction the pop-up rebound was going.

– Can we please discuss what kind of sunglasses Sean Avery is wearing? He’s one step away from the little old lady/old man wrap around blue blocker sunglasses. Maybe the gigundo bug eyed look just isn’t my cup of tea, but those frames are very difficult to pull off and Avery isn’t doing it right.

– Due to some DVR follies, I’ve moved into another room to watch the remainder of this game. I’m closer to my router, yet my internet connection has slowed down. How does that work?

– Son of a gun. The Panthers score on some sort of a scrum in front of the net. I fear for MJ, as Gregory Campbell scored. Someone please make sure she’s not putting her head in the oven.

– Double son of a gun. The Panthers scored again on a two-on-one via a shot on Miller’s glove side from 15-feet out. I’m considering looking for the vodka right now, as it appears that the Dirty Slate Sabres showed up to play in the second period.

– Dear Buffalo News: I really do appreciate that your reporters go the extra mile and live blog during games, in addition to paying attention to the game, thinking about the stories they need to file and enjoying the press box meal du jour. However, I’m slightly disappointed with John Vogl’s Sabres Edge entry tonight. It’s roughly the equivalent of Puck Dropped. Two teams on ice. Period Over 0-0. Where’s the little tidbits that only the reporter live from the arena can bring us? Maybe I’m just spoiled by Mike Harrington’s vivid and descriptive entries. Or maybe this game is making me cranky? Who knows.

-It’s a night like this that I really miss Roby and Ray helping Sylvester out with the intermission interviews. Could you imagine the conversation that could have taken place regarding Avery’s comments and antics? We just got a brief sentence from Sylvester about how Avery is still awaiting news on his fate and nothing more. Where’s the discussion? The analysis? Everyone has thrown in their two cents; why should Roby and Ray be denied the opportunity?

– Interesting tidbit: Paul Gaustad’s brother was thought to be a better prospect than our big Goose. You learn something new every day.

– You know you’re in trouble when a recap of the Canadian government’s troubles is a lot more entertaining than the hockey game you’re watching.

– Saints be praised. Kotalik rips a one-timer during an extended 5-on-3 to at least keep the Sabres from getting shut out tonight. Can they keep the momentum going and score another one? I don’t think I’m being greedy here.

– Alright, so they lost…AGAIN. I decree that there should be no fun in the sun during the remainder of this trip. No merry frolicking on the beach. No catching up on Christmas shopping. No doing whatever else it is they do on road trips. I don’t care if the entire team brought their sand pails and shovels and wanted to build a giant sand castle on the Tampa beach.  I don’t care that someone hasn’t seen the ocean before. There should be no fun for them until they win a fucking game.