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Tonight Against the Bolts

December 6, 2008


– Tampa is DFL in the league in goals scored. This, of course, means that Crunchy will get lit up like a holiday tree.

– Gerbe is in tonight. Will the Wee One spark the lineup? Or will it be mediocrity as usual?

– Will Crunchy respond to Lindy calling him out, throwing him under the bus and then driving the bus over him? PMS!Crunchy needs to show up and channel the cranky into some killer saves.

First Period

– Roy and Gerbe constitute probably the shortest linemates in Sabres history. They may need to get some step stools if the two of them are interviewed with their other linemate (Stafford).

– Stafford scores after Smith gives up a huge rebound on a Gaustad shot.

– I miss a good chunk of what happens inthe middle here, including the Tampa goal, as my mother was informing me all about the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert she went to.

– Gaustad and Smolenak break out into a little fight. No one really knows what caused that rumpus, because they were both far away from the puck. Gaustad takes Smolenak down to the ice, and looks pretty pissed at doing so.

– Mair and Downie start fighting, and Mair is kicking some serious Downie ass.

– The period ends 1-1. I suppose that’s a blessing considering how the past couple of games have gone.


– Oh Staffy, you kill me. You’ve been in hockey for how long, played with how many French-Canadians, and you don’t know the creative French used in heckling? Oy.

– I wonder what would happen if Miller didn’t do his little twisty turn thingy before leaving the ice as the last player? Would his head explode? Would it change the fortunes of the team?

– Gerbe, Gaustad and Stafford celebrating Staffy’s goal is quite the most lopsided looking celebration.

Second Period

– Bodies fly everywhere as both Max and Kotalik are tripped up on a 2-on-1. Max is tripped up first, and in his rush to pick up the puck, Kotalik stumbles and ends up in the boards. Well, at least they got a penalty on that broken play.

– Roy-Z snaps a screened shot past Smith to make it 2-1. I think the boys listened to Lindy’s comments about wanting to get bodies to the net, as the replay shows that Vanek may have deflected the puck past Smith.

– Darn it all. Tampa ties the game on a shot that was deflected by a Sabre player. Yay! A back-and-forth game. That’s exactly what we need right now.

– Glad to see that the power play futility is still hanging around. There have been two odd man rushes for Tampa during this power play. And as I’m writing that little bit of pissiness, Hecht tips a point shot past Smith.

– I leave the room to grab the ringing phone and come back to find out that Tampa has tied the fucking game again. Why can’t we keep a lead? Are the boys scared of seeing themselves in the lead?

– The Sabres head back onto the power play, as Ranger grabbed Roy-Z and flung him to the ice (and as a bonus Christmas present, cross checks him for good measure).

– Gaustad gets called for a bad hit on Mark Recchi, and as he’s heading off to the box, gets challenged by Emminger. So we now go from a 5-on-4 to a 4-on-3.

– Scratch the above. Miller makes a bad clear, and Roy-Z tries to bail his goalie out by clearing the puck and instead sends it into the 15th row. So Roy and Goose are in time out together. Heaven only knows what they’ll converse about in there. Maybe Goose will lecture him on the environmental damage that Roy-Z’s hair products cause.

– I get briefly motion sick as the camera speeds from the beginning of a Sejkera breakaway to show Hecht and LeCavalier fighting. What. The. Hell. I can’t remember the last time I saw Hecht fight. Something must’ve lit the fuse on his temper for him to drop the gloves. I imagine that my younger cousin Rachel is looking for her fainting couch right about now, as she is a total Hecht fan. Stafford opines during his intermission interview that seeing Jochen go at it really fired up the boys.

Second Intermission

– Snack time.

Third Period

– The period opens with a shot of Lindy on the bench. He does not look happy. If he clenches his jaw any tighter, I fear he may crack a tooth or two.

– I know RJ has his pronunciation quirks, but his pronunication of Gerbe as Ger-bay is bothering me. My mother also thinks that Gerbe could skate under someone’s legs due to his lack of height. Didn’t we see that move in one of The Mighty Ducks movies.

– I bop over to Sabres Edge to check out Vogl’s live blog. While it’s slightly more detailed than the one from the other night, it’s cut short by a malfunctioning internet connection in the press box. However, in one of his blurbs, Vogl mentions that Goose and his thumb may not have been cleared to fight by the team doctors. If that is true, I hope Goose didn’t muck up his thumb worse by fighting that Tampa lunkhead.

– Roy-Z spins in the slot (that’s what she said) and puts the puck past Smith. 4-3 Buffalo. Hey guys, let’s try something different this time: keep the fucking lead for longer than thirty seconds! I really don’t think I’m asking for much.

– Paille got hit from behind leading to a Tampa penalty. However, in the ensuing chaos, Mair gets speared and the linesman goes down like a box of rocks from someone’s stick. We have to go to commercial so the linesman can get stitched up. Or, as RJ put it, sent for repairs.

– With 5 minutes left in the period, Harry Neale reports that Tampa has only had two shots in the entire period.

– Neale reports that Rivet is being helped out at the bench by the trainers. This falls into the “big deal, but not really a big deal” category, as Rivet wasn’t expected to play at all tonight. The fact that he’s having technical difficulties with 90% of the game over isn’t worrying me too much. (I’ll wring my hands about it tomorrow or Monday,when we find out that Rivet has disconnected his kniffling pin from his connoculator valve and is joining the week-to-week injury list.)

– Watching a goalie sprint to the bench for the extra skater is one of the best things about hockey. These guys are wearing extra gear, usually don’t have the best speed to begin with, have their teammates on the bench screaming at them to move faster, and usually don’t make the most graceful entrance to the bench. It’s unintentional comedy on ice.

– Praise your favorite deity, as the Sabres won a game. If the game against Tampa on Wednesday is half as entertaining as this one, I will be pleased. I hate seeing snoozer games in person.