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Sabres vs. Leafs – 12.12.08

December 12, 2008

Sabres Show Highlights

– I’ve seen the fake mustache and wig shtick from him before, but Staffy in a long wig, fake mustache and muscle shirt will never not be funny. He was the second player interview on the show, and spoke about his music interests. We were then treated to a demo of him playing drums and then some guitar. And in case anyone is wondering, he has two ginormous tats on his arms.

– Oh. My. God. Just when I thought the Sabretooth foam paw was the best thing ever, Kevin Sylvester holds up a child’s Sabretooth hat. The little beanie even has Sabretooth ears poking out the top. It’s so freaking cute!

First Period

Rivet out, Patches in. I guess Rivet’s upper body injury has flared up. Has it ever been clarified where exactly on the upper body Rivet is hurt?

– Gaustad flies across the ice and takes out Ryan Hollweg. Yeah, tonight is going to end well for Hollweg.

– Half the crowd starts chanting “Go Leafs Go” until they are drowned out by a chorus of boos.

– Lydman plays trailer on a nifty breakaway by Roy-Z. This goal is only the 4th goal that the Sabres defense has scored all season. Yeah, we may need to keep working on increasing that total.

Second Period

– RJ shares with the crowd that tomorrow night marks the first time in 14 years that the Leafs will not play on Saturday night. Crikey, what will HNiC ever do without the mighty Maple Leafs to anchor their broadcast? [/sarcasm]

– Rayzor chimes in to say that a member of the Leafs skated by the Sabres bench and told Lindy to stop smiling and laughing or he [the Leaf] will tear his mustache off. Dude should not threaten Lindy. Lindy can kick ass and take names for later with one hand tied behind his back. Lindy is like Chuck Norris in that way.

– In some news from around the league, the Caps backup goalie tonight is their website producer. A combination of Jose Theodore’s hip injury, plus a delay in the arrival of their new goalie from the minors, led the Caps to ask the league for dispensation to sign their web dude for one game. This guy is now going to have a story to tell his grandkids.

– The Buffalo defense completely breaks down in their defensive zone, giving the puck away twice. This leads to the first Toronto goal. Sejkera looked completely awkward during this little series of plays in the zone.

– I should not be hearing chants of “MIIIIIILLLLLLLER MIIIIIILLLLLLLER” during a home game when Miller is actually playing a pretty good game. Stupid Toronto games and their invading fans.

Third Period

– This power play sucks. The Sabres have almost a four minute power play and have done diddly with it. Oh, goody. Another penalty is called on Toronto, and we’ll be playing 5-on-3 for 17 seconds. It’s like none of these idiots want to be the one to go in the record books as scoring the 10,000th goal in franchise history.

– I think the story about the Black Hawks crashing their GM’s father’s wake is pretty heartwarming. Though Jonathan Toews does his best to add a comedic element by (allegedly) wanting a McDonalds stop since the Happy Meals now include a free Toews card.

– Words I never want to hear again in combination: Al Unser Jr. and Sex Tape. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look for the industrial size vat of brain bleach to rid my head of some unsavory images.

– Rassafrassamumblemumble. White takes a shot from the point and it takes a deflection off of somebody or something to beat Miller. 2-1 Leafs. The very partisan crowd goes nuts.

– I reiterate that I should not be able to hear a Miller taunt loud and clear during a home game.

-Damn it, Staffy. That’s two open nets and one in the crease shot you’ve missed tonight. You’re precariously close to being fired right now, and no amount of fake mustaches and wigs are going to save you.

– Bleh. That’s all I have to say. The Sabres were outplayed, outworked, outwitted and outlasted in the third period. I know I shouldn’t complain after the last couple of games, but did the guys forget that hockey is a 60 minute game? If they flake out again against New Jersey tomorrow night, they’re going to lose, and lose bad.