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Lazy Sunday Post

December 14, 2008

– Last night was corporate merrymaking time. We broke bread and toasted the past, present and future. And while a good time was had by all, the good time was definitely bartender assisted. He was a member of the Sandra Lee school of cocktails: the more booze in the glass, the better. My vodka cranberries were definitely more vodka than cranberry. That definitely slowed the drinking pace a bit for me.

Corey Griswold’s blog of last night’ s Sabres / Devils game is pretty darn funny. I especially liked this comment:

2-1 Devils. Holik scores because the only Sabre who would take the body was Paul Gaustad. Spacek and Sekera were too busy waving their sticks at full extension. If a Sabres defenseman were to ask my daughter out on a date I wouldn’t worry about funny business because there is no way any body contact is happening.

Sad but true. Our defense lately has been a little soft. Gaustad, however, has been hitting anything and everything that moves. That fight with Craig the other night is still one of the better ones I’ve seen this season.

– Speaking of hitting things, why doesn’t the Bills defense try something new and different; you know, like hitting Brett Farve before he runs half the length of the field?

– I would love to know what Lindy and the boys think about Staffy and his metal god ambitions.


It’s still funny two days later.

– Yesterday I was at the Sabres store attempting to holiday shop. (That didn’t work so well. So Dad, if you’re reading this, you’re not getting anything from the Sabres store). I was pleasantly surprised to see a rack of Portland Pirates gear. I ended up buying a Gerbe t-shirt (also available were Weber and Kennedy). This is the first time I can recall seeing AHL merchandise at the Sabres store. There never was any Amerks gear around during the Sabres long affliation with them. New team, new location, new enthusiasm, I guess.

– So now that Sean Avery has been shown the door by the Stars, where does he go from here? Is there an NHL team crazy enough to take him on (hi, Tampa!) or will he be destined for the AHL or even Russia?

– At least JP Losman’s appearance on Deadspin is slightly less scandalous that Derek Roy’s.

– Why do I continue to watch Bills’ games? First, Losman fumbles the ball while the Bills have the lead, leading to a Jets touchdown. Then, on the next possession, he throws a fucking interception. That’s not good on two levels. First, if the Bills running game is kicking ass and taking names, why did Jauron decide to throw the ball? JP hasn’t exactly been confidence inspiring lately (neither was Trent for that matter). Marshawn’s been running his ass off, and yet on a third down, with the lead, when all the team needs to do is kill the blessed clock, we throw the ball. The mind, she is blown. Not to mention that a fumble and an interception in consecutive series aren’t doing JP any favors in putting together his “Best Of” reel in order to find a new team next year. It’s going to be a long week on Buffalo sports talk radio, as the Sabres are silent until Wednesday, and thus unable to serve as a distraction.