What Is Going On At The Arena?

December 15, 2008

What kind of practice is Lindy running these days? There should not be two injuries to two relatively key players during one practice. First, Patches somehow loses a tooth. (No word on whether the tooth was recovered for Patches to leave under his pillow as an offering to the Tooth Fairy.) Then, James Patrick tries to dump in a puck and ricochets it off of Paul Gaustad’s chin, causing Goose to leave the ice bleeding and in need of X-Rays. I guess someone forgot to tell Goose to duck.

:::ba dum bum::: Thank You. Thank You. I’m here till Tuesday. Try the fish.

Anyway, Lindy predicts that Gaustad will be fine, but is just a little sore. (Ya think!)

At least the puck didn’t ricochet in off Timmy. That would have probably scared the poor dear into giving up hockey altogether. If it didn’t kill him first.

Today’s practice also revealed what Rivet’s exact upper body injury is. His shoulder is a bit out of whack and he will be evaluated in two week chunks. After reading about Patches, Goose’s and Rivet’s injuries, I half expected the next bulletin out of HSBC Arena to be that Ryan Miller threw out his back while putting on his peacoat after practice.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade holiday special. Cocktails, seasoning packets and tablescapes for all!


  1. I thought the same thing about practice… they haven’t been playing that badly!

  2. I know I’m a little behind, but I was trying to find a link to the Peters/Gerbe fight lesson. I didn’t find it BUT if you type “wgrz peters gerbe” (I’m too lazy for caps) and click on images, your blog pops up about 8 times… with no pictures of either Gerbe or Peters. There’s Goose, Crunchy, Staffy, the guy from Goo Goo Dolls, a bunny, and I think a baby moo cow. Pictures not from your blog include the Bills, a red Jeep, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, and a tree made from cash.

    Oh, and Sandra Lee’s shirt is making my eyes hurt

  3. Does this mean Goose will be playing with one of those awesome face cages, like Toni did last year? Hahahah.

    This just in: the floor of the locker room was over-waxed and Clarke MacArthur is week to week with a bruised hip.

    Jason Pominville burned himself when he turned the hot water in the shower up too high.

    Ales Kotalik is suffering from vertigo caused by Pat Kaleta opening the bathroom door too fast and hitting Al in the head.

    Dan Paille was arrested for trying to break into his own house when he locked himself out while getting the mail yesterday.

  4. What a great post!
    If the puck hit Timmy, the “dudes on skates with shovels” would have been cleaning his shattered pieces up off the ice!

  5. I guess someone forgot to tell Goose to duck.


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