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Hockey Players Are People Too

December 18, 2008

– At least that’s what Ryan Miller implied during the announcement of the Third Annual Catwalk for Charity. He mentioned that the event is a chance for fans to see what players are like off the ice. If I were at the CfC, I doubt I would be able to keep a straight face if I saw one of the Sabres dressed up like a 1920’s gangster. (This year’s event is focused around the idea of a “roaring speakeasy party.”) I’m having a hard enough time not giggling at Kaleta, Mair and Miller dressed in their best gangster get-up.

– And our beloved Crunchy updated his blog with his thoughts on the holiday season, including a lament that he’s going to miss all the fun holiday parties back home where someone has a wee bit too much egg nog and makes a fool of themselves. You mean to tell me that at the Sabres holiday party, no one gets smashed and is talked about the next day? I thought it was a rule that every party had one of those people. Even my work party at Dewey Addem and Howe has had that person make an appearance….every year. And it’s never the same person, either!

– And it looks like our long national nightmare is over. Mats Sundin signed with the Canucks. “Sundin and the Sedins,” while probably being a tongue twister for a play-by-play guy, sounds like a great name for a band.

– After reading this article, I kind of get how Drew Stafford is friends with Zach Parise. Parise seems very high strung, while Stafford gives off the chill vibe. They complete each other!

– While I missed most of last night’s game due to the need for sleep beating the crap out of the need for hockey, I did wake up briefly in the first intermission and saw the feature on the Sabres trip to Childrens. Tim Connolly in a Santa hat looked more human and less sleazy than I think I’ve ever seen him. Both the kids and the Sabres looked like they were having a ball during this visit. I just wish the Sabres would show more of the warm and fuzzy features during their intermissions.