Let It Snow, Let It Snow

December 21, 2008

Yea, we can stop with the snow thing already. I’ve been trapped in my house since I got home from work on Friday (with the exception of a brief trip to Wegmans and Starbucks this morning). I’m going a little house happy, and the crappy football game I’m watching isn’t helping matters. (A Bills game? Crappy? Hard to believe, right?)

Since I’ve had some time on my hands, I’ve been playing with my camera and Picasa. Here’s what’s resulted.


Blowing snow. Drifting snow. Isn’t it fun?


Alternate side parking has been kind of thrown out the window in this storm. I don’t think anyone could park on the street even if they wanted to.


Is this not the most ridiculously adorable holiday wreath you’ve ever seen?

And since we need some hockey talk in this post, Sabres Edge is reporting that Lindy made the boys skate this morning. Goose is still out with the heinous upper body injury and Kaleta has been fitted for a neck brace again. The walking wounded report is getting longer and longer, as the two of them have joined Timmy, Rivet and Gerbe on the sidelines. Hopefully the Christmas recess will allow for a little bit of healing for these guys.

One comment

  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I’m so jealous of your snow! I realize that actually being in it kind of sucks, but since I’m not… I’m jealous! 😀

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