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December 28, 2008

– While Lindy was rocking a very dapper cantaloupe colored shirt last night, the color was doing nothing for him as the game went on and his face was getting increasingly redder.

– I especially appreciated MSG’s replays of Lindy’s end-of-game tirade towards the whole bench after the team gave up two goals in the last 1:30 of the game. Thank heavens Miller came through in the shootout, or I would have been forced to throw something at the TV had they lost.

– And the Tim Kennedy experiment is over. At least he got to give his parents a nice Christmas present.

– Eesh. Jay McKee is in danger of losing a finger. Man, is he snake bit. First it was the staph infection during the Playoffs of My Injured Defensemen, then the injury litany during his first season with the Blues and now this. The poor guy really does have the worst luck. I wish him well, and really hope that he doesn’t lose the digit.

– I think I’ve exhausted my “shut up Gumbel and Dierdorf” quotient for this Bills game. Yes, it’s windy. We get it. No need to keep mentioning it every 30 seconds. Though the bent goalposts are pretty neat to see.

– And shut up, Duke Preston. It’s (mainly) your fault that the Bills weren’t able to get a play off at the end of the first half. And yes, I do understand that the Bills poor clock management played a role in how the half ended. And yes, I do understand that it was a bullshit call by the ref to say that the whistles were to break up the skirmish and not end the play. I thought a whistle ended the play irregardless of what’s going on, not that there’s whistles for play ending and whistles for skirmish ending. But Preston shouldn’t have given in to the Patriots heckling and just gone about his business.

– Tonight I’m off to the Ronan Tynan concert (with special guest musician Drew Stafford). I hope to write about it tomorrow (or even later tonight), provided I’m not blown into next week by these winds.