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Rearranging the Furniture

January 1, 2009

One of the changes Lindy made after Tuesday night’s debacle was a rearranging of the locker room. At this point, it can be argued that this step is a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, but maybe Lindy knows something that we don’t. Changes made include:

– moving all the defenseman along one wall

– Putting Timmy in between Ellis and Roy

– Mair and Pommers in between Vanek and Hecht

– Gaustad in between Vanek and MacArthur

– Stafford in between Patches and Paille

No word on who got the “naughty chair” of the locker stall located in the hallway. And I half imagine the defenseman/forward split in the room to be the equivalent of the masking tape line down the middle of the room. The forwards don’t cross into the defensemen’s space and the defense doesn’t cross into the forward’s space. The goalies in this case are probably Switzerland.

While it sounds like Lindy and the coaches had some fun with the rearranging, there’s a couple of other ways he could have rearranged the room.

– Nationality. Think about it. There’s nine different nationalities in the Sabres room. Then again, fights could break out if Jochen tried to annex space from Vanek, Kotalik, Sejkera and Spacek. The Americans would be forced to step in and keep the peace, while the Canadians would just be chilling out. (Yes, this is my lame attempt at a history joke. That’s what happens when you have a former history teacher for a father.)

– If he really wanted to unite the team, he would have waited to do the rearranging until after the gear had been laid out for practice but before the players arrived. Think about it. The stall would read “Spacek”, but the gear would be Gerbe’s. Nothing says team bonding like trying to sort out whose gear is whose. Miller and Lalime would just be enjoying the chaos, as there’s really not to much messing around to be done with their stuff.

And finally, Happy New Year to everyone. Hopefully the Sabres will start 2009 on a much, much better note than they ended 2008. I’m getting tired of writing bitchy posts.