Musings of a Bored Blogger

January 5, 2009

– During Saturday night’s HNiC broadcast, the distinguished in studio panelists started talking about the sheer ridiculousness of Crosby’s fight. Mike Milbury went out on the ledge and said that there’s a crisis-a-brewin’ in the Pittsburgh locker room. Milbury continued by saying that there’s potentially some resentment brewing between Sid and his teammates, and there’s only two ways the resentment might be fixed. First, Sid needs to move out of Unkie Mario’s house and into a domicile of his own. (Note: Milbury did not actually use the words “domicile” and “Unkie Mario.” Those are my creative terms.) Next, Sid needs to find a way to tell his father to scram, that Papa Sid no longer needs to attend every practice. His son is a big boy now; he should be able to figure out how to deal with practice on his own. I thought these were some very interesting observations that Milbury was making. If there’s even a kernel of truth to them, that could be one reason why the Pens are suddenly a hot mess.

– And Caps fans called Buffalo fans “classless” for stomping on Ovie posters and/or drawing Sharpie mustaches on the posters? Somehow, urinal “decorations” don’t seem much classier.

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