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“Bite Me” Is Not Meant to Be Taken Literally

January 7, 2009

– Did Ottawa forget to feed Ruutu before last night’s game? Biting a chunk out of Andrew Peters hand is not kosher. While I’m sure the bite wasn’t as big of a deal as Peters embellished it to be, it’s still pretty serious. Biting has no place in hockey. Heck, biting has no place anywhere in polite society, unless your name is Bella and you’re pining away for your sparkly true love vampire boyfriend to turn you into a vampire.

– I’m really liking the Goose / Ellis combination. For whatever reason, those two seem to work well together. And Goose last night was a pissed off little honker. It seemed like every time he was on the ice, he was involved in a scrap, or a hit or just busting his ass out there.

– I don’t blame Ryan Miller at all for letting in the first Ottawa goal. That was a completely fluky shot that managed to find the inch and a half of space that Miller left open between his hip and the goalpost. I do think he could have done better on the Spezza breakaway, however. He got a piece of the shot, but not enough of it.

– Congratulations to Rob Ray on the birth of Rob Ray Jr. However, I still would have loved to have heard his reactions to all the Peters biting drama that took place in front of his usual game position.

– I think my cell phone is possessed.  One of my friends texted me this morning saying I called him. However, while the call did come from my phone, the timestamp on the call occured when I was scraping ice off my car. My phone was in my purse in the car. This is so frigging bizzarre.