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Monday’s Meditations

January 12, 2009

– The following post-practice quote from Ryan Miller explains a lot about what’s going through his mind while he’s in the crease.

“It’s kind of like a golf swing. That’s how I try to explain things to people. You go to the range and you’re thinking about six different things: Where is the weight on this foot, back hinge, the elbow, all this stuff. Goaltending is a lot like that. My stance, my hand positioning, where I am in the crease, how much I challenge, my glove side not being too low or too high, trying to get dialed in. The last few games I’ve felt good… I’m starting to feel more like where I think I need to be.”

I like that he’s able to share these technical aspects of his game with the media and the fans. And he’s right, the past couple of games, he’s played like that elite goaltender that we know he is.

But in regards to the golf aspect, maybe Ryan needs to take the advice of the founder of the Dewey Addem & Howe Golf Outing: grip it, rip it and open a cold one afterward. Golf is supposed to be fun (And so is hockey for that matter. Even when you’re getting paid to play it).

– I got a chuckle out of hearing that Rhett Warrener showed up at the rink dressed as Darth Vader the day after his son Luke was born. (Doing so shows just enough of an understanding of the absurd, and I love it.) Rhett was a good egg and I miss having him on the Sabres, though if reports out of Calgary are correct, it seems like Rhett could be hanging up the skates soon. He was one of those guys (same with Jay McKee) that put the body on the line every night and didn’t run away from the hits.

– Anyone want to speculate on what the over/under is on Vinny Lecavalier heading out of Tampa before the trade deadline? If Tampa’s interested in a couple of UFA’s, maybe we could interest them in Timmy and Max? (Yes, I know that management would freak at having a Vinny contract on the books, and so this is only a pipe dream). I’m sure Max would love Florida if only because he would be closer to the tennis player girlfriend, and the Florida weather might do wonders for Timmy’s constitution.

– And Yahoo still hasn’t put Ales Hemsky on the IR. I’m not a happy camper over here.