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On The Road Again

January 20, 2009

– I don’t know who lit a fire under Ryan Miller’s rear end these past couple of games, but I really like what I’ve been seeing from him. There’s been confidence, enthusiasm and even a smile or two coming out of the Buffalo crease lately. It’s like a switch was flipped within him. That level of play needs to continue if the Sabres want to maintain their current playoff pace.

– I almost wanted to throw something at the TV set when the Panthers scored their second goal. While it all worked out in the end, the Sabres really need to work on that finishing touch for close games. There was no reason for that game to have gone to overtime and the shootout.

– And I think I fired Toni Lydman like four times last night. It seemed like he was just a bit off last night, with probably the low point coming on the play that generated the penalty shot. Though I do have to say that last night was the first time I’ve ever seen a penalty shot and an actual penalty called on the same play. I probably wouldn’t have minded either as much if the Panthers hadn’t scored on the penalty shot.

– After seeing this picture of Gaustad tussling with Zednik, I want to yell at Goose to title his damn helmet strap already. There’s absolutely no need for there to be that much give in the strap so that one tussle on the side moves the helmet darn near off your head.


It’s all fun and games until someone’s head gets smushed.

– Since travel difficulties caused a late (early?) arrival in Tampa for the team, Lindy canceled practice this morning and scheduled an organized team bonding activity for the afternoon. I wonder what Lindy has in mind for the guys? A sandcastle building contest? A boardwalk stroll? A “bury your teammate in the sand and see how long it takes him to wriggle out” contest? (My money would be on Paille and MacArthur to win the sand castle contest and Miller to win the bury in the sand contest, would those things actually exist.)

– And the Islanders version of Timmy is out for the year. We kvetch about the size of Timmy’s contract and the number of games that he’s played, but I think DiPietro’s situation is a little bit worse than ours. I mean, we can potentially be rid of Timmy at the end of this year. The Isles are stuck with DiPi until 2021.

– Anyone else find it a wee bit comical that the league is resorting to using an unknown goalie during the trick shot competition at the All-Star Game Skills Competition? Instead of pulling some poor dude off the street, just leave the net empty. It’s not like goaltending matters in the trick shot competition.